Suction Cup Flags - Rectangle

Suction Cup Flags - Rectangle


A simple advertising tool mounted in seconds. 

  • Can adhere to any smooth/flat surface 
  • Set up is easy and quick
  • Rectangle-shaped flag made from quality knitted flag fabric
  • Hardware includes pole(carbon composite fibre) and the suction cup(plastic)

Quick, Easy and Effortless Marketing is Just a Flag Away

A Suction Cup Flag is one of the best versions of advertising flags. It is designed to meet all your advertising needs, at the same time, cutting off your installation time. If you have been planning to include custom flags in your marketing plan, these cheap custom suction cup flags are your best bet. We are here to offer you a completely customizable printing experience to best fit your needs. 

To add a contemporary touch to these flags, we offer you quirky design templates and vibrant prints. Our sublimation printing process makes the colors of your artwork look even brighter. The 90 GSM Knitted Flag Fabric ensures great durability and longevity of the graphic. Plus, these flags offer you an extremely effective way to advertise at a budgeted price too. All this is topped-up with our lowest price guarantee. 

Many features of suction cup flags

The perks and leverages of getting suction cup flags printed for your business are many:

  • They can help you add momentum to your marketing campaigns at a very moderate price.
  • These custom rectangle flags are a great way of getting any message printed and noticed by your target audience.
  • These flags are printed in high-quality inks and colors that have the potential to attract customers and keep them hooked.
  • The suction cup is highly durable and has the capacity to firmly attach to any surface and stay intact.
  • The flag hardware requires no drilling. 
  • These suction cup flags take seconds to install.

Single-sided or Double-sided Printing, What’s Your Pick?

We offer custom flag single side and double side printing. Suit your budget and flag advertising needs and select the preferred printing method. With our fade-resistant printing, your flag design will be good to advertise for a fairly good amount of time. 

Go ahead and start browsing the free flag design templates and pick one to kickstart your custom graphics. Or send us your artwork. We will send you the flag hardware- flag pole, suction cup, and the rectangle flag graphics in the shortest possible time. Order now and get FREE SHIPPING.