Tall Boxes - Brown (Plain)

Tall Boxes - Brown (Plain)


Tall Corrugated Boxes for Moving Fragile & Irregularly Shaped Items Safely

  • Made out of single wall flute corrugated fiberboard for better strength.
  • Features high-quality natural brown Kraft paper for exceptional finishing.
  • ECT 32# provides medium crush resistance,
  • Tall corrugated boxes are 100% recyclable.
  • Various sizes are available.

Tall Corrugated Boxes Made of Long Lasting Material

If you are into ecommerce business and find it difficult to move your goods in perfect condition. Our tall corrugated boxes are what you need. The boxes are perfect for long-distance shipment and can handle a variety of weights. Every box we make is built to last for years.

These boxes can be manufactured with a single or double wall depending on your needs. Our single wall corrugated fiberboard boxes are ideal for less fragile things, whereas double corrugated fiberboard boxes are ideal for more sensitive items. Both single and double wall corrugated fiberboard will ensure that your goods/products are transported safely, especially over long distances.

All of our boxes have been tested for crush resistance using the (Edge Crush Test) ECT 32# for single wall corrugated. These large corrugated boxes are perfused with good cushioning support and provide ample storage capacity without compromising the existing state of your products.

These strong shipping boxes are ideal for packing delicate to irregular objects and will help you in a variety of ways. The boxes are ideal for packing umbrellas, lamps, fishing rods, shelving, and other similar items.

Our Biodegradable Tall Corrugated Boxes have Excellent Stacking Strength

Our tall corrugated boxes are made of high-quality natural brown Kraft paper. These boxes provide better protection for the goods and are ideal for transporting irregularly shaped items. These strong boxes have great stacking strength, allowing you to stack other boxes without fear of ruining them.

Every company is seeking a strategy to safeguard and sustain the environment in this age of environmental awareness. 100% recyclable and reusable, our corrugated boxes are an important part of any company's environmental efforts. These boxes can be reused for a long period, making them suitable for daily storage.

Tall Corrugated Shipping Boxes in a Variety of Sizes

You can choose from a variety of sizes for our tall corrugated shipping boxes, depending on your needs. So what are you waiting for? Place your order now and enjoy your hassle free shipment in any part of the globe!