Tall Boxes - Brown (Printed)

Tall Boxes - Brown (Printed)


Tall Corrugated Boxes - To Keep Your Products Safe During Long Transit

  • Composed of single & double wall flute corrugated fiberboard for durability.
  • The use of high-grade natural brown Kraft paper ensures flawless finish.
  • Offers a good level of crush resistance with ECT 32# & ECT 34#.
  • Sustainable & 100% recyclable corrugated box.
  • We use screen printing for excellent graphics.
  • Multiple sizes are available.

Tall Corrugated Boxes Available in Single & Double Wall Corrugated Fiberboard

Running an online business is not an easy task. It is important that the products you ship reach in the perfect condition as it was supposed to be. For such situations, our tall corrugated boxes are an ideal choice. Their tough built ensures complete safety of the items housed in them, no matter how mis-handled they are during their transit.

Our box is well-suited for shipping brittle objects in pristine condition. Crafted with precision, our boxes are made of high-quality natural brown Kraft paper with ECT 32# for single wall and ECT 34# for a double wall. You can clamp other boxes on top of these single wall and double wall boxes without worrying about them getting crushed or destroyed.

Our tall corrugated boxes are available in single and double wall corrugated fiberboard. They provide excellent storage capacity, cushioning support, and high-level transit protection. The double wall corrugated boxes are packed with great stacking strength and are reinforced with robust and durable material. These characteristics make our tall corrugated shipping boxes reliable and strong throughout long-distance transport.

These versatile shipping boxes come with features that make them suitable for packaging even the most fragile items. Our tall shipping boxes are mostly used for shipping irregularly-shaped objects such as shelving, fishing rods, and umbrellas, in addition to having exceptional performance for all packaging types.

Sustainable Tall Corrugated Shipping Boxes Available for Printing

In this era of an eco-concious world, every business is looking for a method to protect the environment from harmful substances. Our corrugated boxes are 100 percent biodegradable, making them an important element of any company's environmental initiatives. These boxes are easy to reuse and recycle when needed.

One of our corrugated fiberboard's biggest qualities is its ability to print appealing logos, brand names, and other graphics. In comparison to other materials, we use screen printing process that provides a high level of brightness and excellent finish.

Personalize Tall Corrugated Boxes with Logo, Text, & More

Looking for some unique ways to spruce up your corrugated boxes? To make your tall corrugated box look different and stylish, you can add names, logos, messages, etc. So, order now and receive your personalized tall corrugated box at your doorstep.