US Flag

US Flag

  • Flags feature dye sublimation printing for vivid color display.
  • Choose from several flag sizes and display choices.
  • Folding and storing the lightweight fabric is simple.
  • The flag has a pre-printed design and is ready-to-use right away.
  • Flag cloth is simple to clean, whether by hand or by machine.

United States Flags Let You Showcase Patriotism

United States Flags with Crisp, Expressive Prints 

Customers respond to displays of patriotism, especially during patriotic holidays like Independence Day and Veteran's Day. Whether you run a restaurant or a car dealership, this is a good habit to implement. Flags of the United States are easily recognizable; you can display them all year. Putting them up on poles outside also attracts customers' attention.

The colors of our country flags are distinct because of a dye sublimation printing process that uses a continuous spread of ink rather than individual dots. With a mirror image 50 to 60% visible on the back side, single-sided printing encourages presentation of flags in the proper position and orientation. The bright colors last a long time, even when displayed outside.

Patriotic flags come in several dimensions to suit your display needs, whether you want to put them outside or inside. For displaying the flags, choose a finish with metal grommets or a pole pocket on the side or at the top. In the text box, include any additional specific instructions for your order.

The store flags' lightweight fabric enables for quick and easy folding, which saves room in storage. The flags are easy to transfer to new sites for re-use, whether folded or open, increasing return on investment.

Ready to Use and Easy to Clean USA Flags

Our United States flags have a distinct appearance that does not require any additional printing or design. The flags are ready to exhibit right out of the box, requiring only a few supplies and no tools to assemble. The finish makes hanging and positioning a breeze.

Wash the country flags as needed to remove pollen and grime that has gathered during their outdoor display. To assist the colors and material endure longer, you can wash the fabric with a machine or with hand using mild detergent. This removes stains and discolorations throughout the washing process, resulting in a spotless appearance.

United States Flags are Available in Bulk

The display of multiple pole pocket flags can benefit your micro-business by creating an eye-catching and colorful array of patriotic imagery. When you order in bulk, you get a discount, which helps you keep on budget.

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