Valentine's Day Inflatable Tube Man


Tough Valentine’s Day Inflatables With High-Quality Printing

Since many couples celebrate Valentine's Day, your business can miss out on potential sales if you don't take advantage of this event. Call attention to your special discounts or promos with our Valentine's Day inflatables, which help you get the message across in an eye-catching way. Set them up in strategic areas on your property to ensure optimal visibility to motorists and passersby.

The inflatable air dancers consist of tough polyamide- that resists wear and tear, allowing them to tolerate adverse weather conditions. Tarpaulin reinforces the material to protect it against tensile forces due to rough handling. This means that folding, tossing, or packing won't cause any damage to the tubes.

The bottom part of the air dancers comprises 1000D PVC coated polyester Tarpaulin Material , which is ideal for supporting the rest of the prop against strong winds. Once you install the inflatable air men on your lawn, they stay in position.

The dye-sublimation technology produces vibrant, attractive prints that people can see from a distance. This printing method ensures the graphics are fade resistant for lasting use.

Easy-to-Maintain Inflatable Tube Man in Different Sizes

Certain elements of these inflatables are customizable to meet your specific needs. Choose 6ft, 10ft, 14ft, 18ft and 20ft figures to match the size of your property. Use the specific Instructions field for particular requests you may have to enhance your inflatables.

These tube men are easy to maintain for prolonged or repetitive installation. Simply machine wash or hand wash them to remove dirt and hang them to dry and they're ready for use again.

Buy Valentine's Day Inflatables in Bulk for Special Discounts

If you have a particularly large lot, you would benefit from having two or three air dancers to call attention to your business. Order multiple figures at a time to receive a special bulk discount.

Shop Valentine's Day inflatable tube men for your organization online at Best of Signs.