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Vinyl Banners
  • Vinyl Banners
  • Vinyl Banners

Vinyl Banners

  • High quality PVC Flex
  • Available in custom sizes
  • Get the seamless product up to 10ft width or height

You need it fast and it has to be weather-proof - that's why you need vinyl banners. When you choose a vinyl banner from Best of Signs, you unwrap a 13-ounce vinyl that's made of 100% polyester with something called a weft-inserted knit - that means it's practically indestructible. It also means there's an inner layer that makes it some of the toughest material around. Imagine hanging your vinyl banner outside for the next three years, day after day, season after season with no breaks, and expecting it to hold up through it all. Ours do. That's how tough our vinyl is.

But it's not just the vinyl that's tough. Our ink is UV rated and fade and abrasion resistant. That means after three years outside, your Custom Banners are still bright, vibrant show-stoppers. Vinyl banners withstand the roughest weather, from wind and rain to sleet, snow and hail. Use the corner grommets to attach your vinyl custom banners to outdoor walls, fences, buildings; roofs . . . even vehicles and existing signs.

But what does that really mean? Okay you scientist types: it means a tensile strength 153 x 149 lbs, tear resistance of 67 x 64 lbs and temperature tolerances between -20 and 180F.

But that's not even the best part: you can create custom Banners by designing your own with our online software, or take advantage of our free professional design services. Kind of makes you stop and think, right? Would I rather play with the design myself, or hand it over to the pros? This is your call . . . and you can't make a bad one.

This is the time to take advantage of the Best of Signs advantages: the best quality signs at the best prices. GUARANTEED...

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