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Wall Fabric

Want to wrap a column at a trade show with vibrant graphics? Wall fabric is your choice for that.
  • Easy peel and stick application
  • Digitally printed at 720dpi to 1440dpi
  • 110 GSM matte finish
  • Any size larger than 48" width / height will come in multiple pieces
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$0.00 $6.50

Templates for Wall Fabric

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Wall Fabric

Material :110 GSM Matt finish

Application :The wall fabrics have pre- glued back which helps in easy peel and stick application.

Printing :Digitally printed at 720dpi to 1440dpi resolution in full color.

‘Breathe life into your work space with our extensive range of cheap wall fabrics and lure customers fast '
The fashion of using wall fabrics to provide a cost-effective yet aesthetically appealing vibe to your living space is increasingly being used by businesses to decorate their office and retail store space. It is a great way to reflect a company's unique work culture or to promote a particular brand image of a retail store or outlet.

We at Best of Signs provide a plethora of fabric designs for walls to provide an inexpensive alternative to pricy walls consisting of tiles or bricks. Our range provides you both predesigned as well as custom wall fabric templates that you can modify to suit your store or room space.

Use custom wall fabrics as an extension of your company ethos
Wall fabrics are not simply to fill your empty walls with colors and designs; rather it is to inculcate a particular set of values and themes unique to your company that help distinguish you from your rivals. Our custom wall fabrics templates specifically allow you to tweak designs to cater to what you think reflect your principles and values.

Add personality to your store or outlet to formulate a certain customer experience
Customer experiences are greatly influenced not only by the etiquettes of your staff but also by the colors and culture embedded in your store décor. A fine-dining restaurant distinguishes itself from fast food by its more elegant use of colors and wall fabric ideas. A hotel stands out from your work office due to its wall fabric design choices.

Improve brand image and value to customers
It is important to choose wall fabric designs which reflect your culture as it will help reinforce your brand image and value to customers. This will create positive customer experiences that will increase customer loyalty and retention.

The success of many retail stores has primarily been due to their strong store brand image. Our wall fabric templates are customizable to complement your brand logo and image. For instance, if your brand incorporates a funky image, we offer you the opportunity to choose wall fabric patterns and colors that match your brand. A consistent flow of colors, theme and ethos is what gives a strong brand personality to customers and make you stand out from the competition.

Increase returns on your advertising and marketing costs through our cheap custom wall fabrics
We know how costly it is to run a retail store. Especially if your product/service offering has a seasonal component, your dwindled sales during certain times of the year will put added pressure on your store due to high marketing and advertising expenditure. Why not save the trouble by investing less on unnecessary advertising and instead on our cheap wall fabrics?

Decorating a store has never been cheaper. Our wall fabric materials such as cotton, wool, silk and polyester will be a cheaper option for your store décor needs compared to using bricks and tiles. We ensure our wall fabrics are cheap and add vibrancy to your store.

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