Wall Fabric

Wall Fabric


Decorative Wall Fabrics Add Personality to Your Establishment

  • 150GSM construction offers durable fabrics.
  • Full-color, 600-DPI UV-printing generates quality graphics.
  • Easy peel and stick mechanism eases installation.
  • Online editing tools allow customization.
  • A bulk discount saves on costs.

Heavy-duty Decorative Wall Fabrics Have a Premium Appeal

A business establishment needs to have an appealing element that leaves a lasting impression on customers. It must create an environment that elevates clientele experience while making a statement aesthetically. Our decorative wall fabrics help you do so with specific colors and designs that distinguish your place from the competition. Apply them on smooth wall surfaces for a vibrant and consistent decor.

With thick material, the peel and stick fabric wallpapers are durable. Their 110GSM construction is tear and wear resistant, enhancing their suitability for high-traffic areas. They tolerate various elements, making them highly performable in any application. Leverage their UV-resistant ink for fade-free graphics that remain vivid and consistent over time, eliminating the need for constant replacements.

The design wall fabrics have 600-DPI resolution that provides sharp messages and images. With full-color printing, they feature vibrant and uniform colors that stand out easily in any room. The wall coverings also have a matte finish for an aesthetic appeal and chic ambiance in your establishment.

Our online design tool allows customization of the fabric for specific decor and messaging needs. We provide pre-designed templates with an assortment of patterns and hues to ease ordering. Use the upload artwork option to introduce a brand logo and theme colors that give the fabrics an identity element.

Lightweight Office Wall Fabrics Offer Ease of Use

The portable office wall fabrics ease handling in any application. You can relocate or store them with much ease.

With an easy peel and stick application, the fabrics support swift installation on exteriors. Spread them with a squeegee application tool for a smooth and steadfast outcome. Their self-adhesive backs leave a minimal residue which simplifies routine maintenance. 

Buy Decorative Wall Fabrics in Bulk for Cost Savings

Purchase the fabrics in quantity for discounts that help your company save on costs. Our offers cover orders of two or more of the same wall fabric to accommodate individuals, small entities, and large enterprises. 

Shop wall fabrics for your organization online at Best of Signs. Enjoy free super saver shipping on all orders over $99.