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Wash your Hands Window Clings

Wash your Hands Window Clings- Promote handwashing to prevent COVID-19

Washing hands is one of the most basic yet important parts of personal hygiene. But it took us a pandemic to reinforce the importance of this simple fact. Promoting handwashing is one thing that should be done around the year. And it has only become all the more crucial to spread this message after the COVID-19 global outbreak. Our wash-your-hands window clings are designed and printed with the purpose to promote the idea of handwashing. 

These easy to paste static window clings can be applied in seconds inside any window using a squeegee or just by applying a little pressure to it. We have several pre-printed window clings with relevant messaging to suit your personal, workspace, or public advertising needs. 

Offering five different Wash-your-hands window clings to suit your needs

Please Wash-your-hands Window Clings: Made using high-quality Clear cling and White Vinyl, this window sign promotes the message in an imperative tone that is sure to work well in a sensitive situation like COVID-19.

COVID-19 prevention wash-your-hands clings: The window sticker cling focuses on Coronavirus prevention and is sure to grab the attention of everyone with its relevant design. Our Full Color, 720DPI, Eco-solvent Printing results in bold graphics and colors. 

Notice employees must wash hands window sign: This pre-printed cling is specifically designed to reinforce the concept of handwashing at workplaces. It is a great way to remind everyone to keep washing hands more often to prevent the spread of the virus. 

Keep calm and Wash-your-hands sign: The casual tone of the message makes it a perfect signage option for any retail outlet, restaurant, or other public places. 

Stay healthy germs everywhere wash-your-hands frequently window cling: A beautifully designed cling with a relevant message and design is sure to catch every eye passing by. It can work great at places that involve kids, students, and children like a neighborhood, school, or shopping center. Though, it can be used anywhere to support and promote handwashing. 

Our Pre-printed Window Clings include the below features:

  1. They are made using high-quality clear vinyl material.
  2. All our clings and window stickers are extremely durable and easy to apply
  3. They are very budgeted
  4. Can be customized based on the size only (pre-defined sizes also available for quick selection)
  5. To be applied inside the glass window keeping the text and design outwards to make it visible from outside
  6. Choice of UV printing to make the window static cling sign more durable

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When used in conjunction with other Wash-your-hands signs, it will help you efficiently boost the idea of handwashing.