Watch Your Step Floor Mats

Watch Your Step Floor Mats


Caution People With 'Watch Your Step' Floor Mats

  • Our coral fleece material is ideal for floor mats.
  • Full-color dye-sublimation printing produces appealing colors.
  • Pre-designed templates makes it easy to order floor mats.
  • We give you a bulk discount for orders of multiple floor mats.

Hard-Wearing and Easy-to-Spot 'Watch Your Step' Floor Mats

In some workplaces, the nature of the work provides risks, so it's necessary to inform everyone accordingly. Consider 'Watch Your Step' floor mats to avoid any accidents with your customers, employees, and visitors. It's advisable to have visible floor mats to keep everyone alert and avoid danger. We have printed floor mats you can use for the safety of everyone.

We make floor mats using high-quality pile coral fleece that has a thickness of 10 mm for longevity. The material is ideal for floor mats, as it provides stable coverage and the floor mats can withstand heavy use.

Pre-printed precautionary messages on floor mats make for a convenient ordering process. Their black-and-yellow color combination draws attention, providing effective signage in hazardous workplaces.

These customizable floor mats are available in one size for outdoor settings and in two sizes for indoors. They relay a simple precautionary message effectively, ensuring that employees notice them and stay safe.

Alert People With Full-Color Coral Fleece Mats

Full-color, dye-sublimation printing provides visually appealing floor mats which don't wear or tear easily. The colors fully absorb into the fleece, creating a unique design.

The 'Watch Your Step' floor mats are non-slip, as they have a backing of non-woven material with grippers that holds on to the floor. The grippers enable the mats to stay in place, whether indoors or outdoors.

Get a Bulk Discount on 'Watch Your Step' Floor Mats

By ordering multiple printed floor mats, you get to enjoy a bulk discount. With up to 35 percent discounts, the cost per item drops substantially.

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