We are Still Open Vinyl Banners

We are Still Open Vinyl Banners

  • Vinyl banners offer 720 DPI printing resolution for legible graphics. 
  • Pre-printed texts inform customers about your business. 
  • Eco-solvent printing technology offers vibrant graphics.
  • Vinyl banners are easy to maintain using a soft cloth. 

'We are Still Open' Vinyl Banners Use Sharp Graphics to Stand Out

Full-Color 'We are Still Open' Banners Inform Customers Properly

To comply with safety regulations and precautionary measures, many establishments provide drive-thru services in place of seating inside the facility. It is necessary to communicate this to your visitors and passersby to avoid confusion and maintain transparency. Our vinyl banners are ideal instruments for this purpose. The banners employ vivid graphics and easy-to-understand messaging to get your important information across.

High-quality PVC flex material offers durability to our advertising banners. The banners are long-lasting and suitable for outdoor use. As the banners don't require replacement, this makes each one a solid investment for your venture. 

Our full-color, 700 DPI eco-solvent printing offers sharp graphic quality and a high resolution. This ensures heightened readability and visibility of the outdoor banners. The vibrant graphics also aid in attracting the attention of passersby, thus helping to spread your message to a wider audience.

'We are Still Open' banners come in many sizes, including a custom size option, to let you decide on banners that fit your space. Choose accessories, upgrade to premium, select different hanging options with one click to meet your specific requirements. Two-sided banners ensure traffic from either direction sees your message, while optional lamination and wind flaps add extra strength to your banner.

Restaurant Banners With a Sturdy Build

The material used in construction makes the PVC flex banner lightweight and portable. The banners are easy to install and reposition as per your requirements. Move the banners and use them across different locations, increasing your return on investment and providing an effective communication medium. 

Hanging banners come with pre-printed graphics, which helps you cut back on the time and effort you may spend on self-designing. This also helps facilitate a quick purchasing process.

'We are Still Open' Banners are Low-Maintenance

Our outdoor banners are easy to maintain. Just wipe down the material gently with a soft, damp cloth. This straightforward maintenance routine saves a lot of time and effort, allowing you to focus on more essential tasks. 

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