Welcome Floor Mats

Welcome Floor Mats


'Welcome' Floor Mats to Create an Inviting Ambience in Your Home

  • The coral fleece material is durable to withstand wear.
  • The non-woven fabric grippers keep the mat from slipping.
  • The full-color 1440-DPI printing produces striking colors.
  • Customization helps blend the mats with the rest of the house.

Hard-Wearing Coral Fleece Material

People appreciate the minor details whenever they visit someone, but it can be tricky to think of a good welcoming gesture. An attractive 'Welcome' floor mat helps create a great first impression whenever friends and visitors come to your house. It warms the house and makes the entire home more appealing. These mats defend other home installations such as carpets and wooden floors against contaminants. 

The floor mats consist of sturdy coral fleece material, which resists dust, water, and heat damage. The tough fabric means that the mats last a long time before you need replacements or retouching.

All home floor mats come with non-woven fabric grippers that keep them from slipping across the floor. It’ll take a tremendous amount of shear force to slide the mats from their original positions. It's also a safety feature to protect kids and clumsy adults from tripping when walking over the mats.

The full-color 1440-DPI technology delivers alluring prints that will leave you impressed. Each image or text will pop and remain vibrant for a long time, as the technique protects against fading. This will save refurbishment and replacement costs since a single mat will last several years looking new.

Customizable Printed Floor Mats

The online customization tool helps you design unique home floor mats. Pick colors and themes that blend with the rest of the house for a uniform decor.

Busy homeowners get access to multiple pre-designed templates, which they can order immediately. It makes ordering new decorative floor mats for an upcoming home event or visitation convenient.

Discounts Available on Bulk Purchases  

Ordering several home mats attracts great discounts for more savings. Orders of two or more mats lowers the per unit price.

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