Welcome To Dine Outdoor Floor Mats


Welcome Dining Guests With Printed Floor Mats

  • The pre-printed mats save you time.
  • Our mats are non-slip with a nitrile rubber at the back.
  • Non-woven polyester is resilient and stretchable.
  • We use full-color sublimation printing for vibrant and sharp images.
  • Enjoy a bulk discount when you order multiple outdoor mats.

Grow Eateries With Printed Floor Mats

When you do not welcome customers to your eatery, you end up with low sales, and customers take their business to your competitors. Floor mats at the entrance are a good way of communicating your welcoming message to your customers. We have welcome floor mats that can be a wonderful addition to the entrance of your establishment.

Our floor mats have full color, 1440-DPI, dye-sublimation printing for vibrant, bright colors with a perfect match and high definition images. With the heat transfer involved, the colors are permanent, as they absorb fully into the mats.

Our mats have a high-quality, durable polyester non-woven fabric that is a high pile. The non-woven material is resilient, stretchable, liquid repellant, and long-lasting.

The pre-printed messaging on the mats is convenient and effective for you and saves you time.

Be Courteous to Guests With Outdoor Floor Mats

Our welcome mats are versatile. You can place them indoors or outdoors.

The floor mats are non-slip with nitrile rubber at the back. The rubber features a size tolerance of +/-3% and a weight tolerance of +/-5%. These features make the mats ideal for stepping on. The rubber firmly grips the floor.

Get a Bulk Discount on Printed Floor Mats

Consider ordering multiple polyester floor mats for various entrances, and you get a bulk discount. Buy more mates and pay less for each.

Shop 'Welcome To Dine' outdoor floor mats for your organization online at Best of Signs.

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