White Canopy Tent

White Canopy Tent


Add shade. Tackle weather woes. Create an event booth. Or do more!

  • Can be ordered in 2 different sizes- 10ftx10ft, 20ftx10ft
  • Order tent topper only, frame only, or both
  • An excellent tool to tackle rains, winds, UV rays, etc.
  • No graphic print included
  • Get free super saver shipping (till offer lasts)

White canopy tent- Premium quality, seamless finish, and affordable pricing

This white canopy tent is a perfect solution for creating a designated outdoor space that offers shelter, shade, and protection. This solid canopy constructed from a high-quality 270 GSM tent fabric is extremely durable. Our pop-up canopy fabric is covered with a protective layer to tackle multiple external elements like rain, UV rays, moisture, etc. The frame construction is done using a pop-up aluminum frame with 3 adjustable layers for height. The telescopic legs quickly snap into place and offer you a range of heights without any hassle. Meet your booth display needs with the easy set-up and flexible height adjustment in minutes. We offer you the flexibility to order only the canopy topper, or the frame, or both. Plus, you can add a travel bag with wheels at a very minimal price. Just select all that you need to buy based on your event or personal needs.

This canopy is a fantastic way to add shelter to your outdoor event booths at trade fairs, sporting events, outdoor parties, restaurants, camping trips, to so much more. The solid white color is sure to make your booth look crisp and neat at any place or event. Plus, the quick choice of two different sizes allows you to order a 10x10 canopy tent and 20x10 canopy to suit your needs and budget. 

Please note that this is a solid white topper and cannot be custom designed. For ordering a custom printed canopy for event promotion purposes, please explore our wide range of custom canopies in various colors. Besides the colors, you can also select your canopy dimensions based on your requirements.  

Shop What You Need- White Canopy Topper, Tent Frame, or Accessories

We strive to meet your unique needs and budget. It is why we allow you to order this white canopy tent as a whole package or pick the individual elements that you need. For instance, if you already have the tent frame and need a new topper or vice versa. You can place your easy order by selecting the specific options listed above. To add up to your whole ordering experience, we guarantee nothing but the highest quality of fabric and hardware. From the white topper to the sturdy canopy frame and travel bag- everything’s in-stock and ready-to-ship. 

Save Your Money and Time Too!

With our lowest price guarantee, all our signages are certainly a bang for your buck, including this tent. The collapsible set-up of this thoughtfully designed blank tent will also save your installation and take-down time, hence saving your time as well.

To understand the complete details, please check the product specifications tab. Also, please take out time to explore and order our other custom signs, banner stands, stickers, and decals, to other marketing materials. 

To place your order for this white tent- start now.