Wildcat Inflatable Tube Man Mascot

Wildcat Inflatable Tube Man Mascot


Enjoy the Carnival Mood With Wildcat Inflatables

  • Our inflatable tube mascots have quality flexible material that is easy to set up.
  • They have clear and visible colors and images.
  • The tube mascots are robust and weatherproof in most situations.
  • We provide discounts for customers with bulk orders.

Inflatable Mascots Are Colorful and Robust

Event organizers sometimes struggle with street carnival preparations without satisfying ideas. If you wish to make fun on the streets without spending a lot of money, we are here to help. Our wildcat inflatable tubes are visually attractive and robust for positive results.

Wildcat mascot inflatables have good strength with quality material in a combination of polyamide and nylon silk. Our tube bases have 600 PVC nylon material, which gives stability for the flexible swaying top part. You have a convenient set-up process by securing the tube on the air blower and turning on the electric switch.

Our print quality gives the inflatable mascots attractive colors with clear visibility. The dye sublimation process offers lasting fonts and images. Our printing procedures ensure the ink prints are environmentally friendly.

We offer weatherproof inflatable tube men that withstand changing weather for a good outdoor experience. Our inflatable tubes have low maintenance costs with simple front-loader machine washing or hand washing with water and mild soap. You can deflate and store our tubes safely when not in use.

Unique Wacky Inflatable Men Present Versatility

We offer customization to our wacky inflatable men. You have a variety of sizes to choose from. Use the Special Instructions text box to add requirements to further engage your audience for more fun and communication.

Depending on the height of your chosen inflatable tubes, choose an air blower with a compatible diameter. This compatibility provides the convenience of using one blower for a variety of inflatables at different times. You can use our inflatable wacky men in entertainment, business promotions, exhibitions, and scaring away birds in urban settings.

Buy Inflatable Wildcats With Bulk Discounts

We understand you may need several mascots to spread out around one or several premises. Our bulk discounts offer flexible purchasing options that help you save money.

Shop for visually attractive wildcat inflatable tube men mascots online at Best of Signs.