Women's Printed T-Shirt - Short Sleeves

Women's Printed T-Shirt - Short Sleeves


Breathable Women’s Short-Sleeved T-shirts For Brand Exposure

  • Crafted from 100% bio-washed superior combed cotton fabric.
  • Lightweight T-shirts feature 180 GSM graphic weight.
  • Comes in varied sizes catering to a wide range of options.
  • Can be personalized with a name, logo, artwork, or design for instant marketing.
  • Use of digital printing to produce impeccable designs.
  • The soft fabric prevents pilling.

Women’s Short-Sleeved T-shirts Made of 100% Bio-Washed Cotton Fabric

Traditional advertising and marketing strategies through TV, radio, or newspaper often get expensive. When looking for a more accessible and reasonable way to advertise your brand and products, you can never go wrong with custom t-shirts. Personalized with unique logos or brand taglines, the custom t-shirts act like walking billboards to advertise your campaigns and build your brand awareness.

Made of 100% bio-washed superior combed cotton fabric, short-sleeved women’s custom t-shirts are comfortable apparel options that deem fit for season-round branding. The bio washing process helps remove the unwanted fibers that are usually short in length to endow a softer and cleaner texture to the fabric. This further helps reduce the chances of fabric pilling on the t-shirts. The soft and anti-pilling base of our women’s short sleeved t-shirts gives a luxuriant base for your brand name or logo to shine and becomes easily visible even from a distance.

Going by the universal appeal, there’s no denying how casual t-shirts are a staple apparel choice for people across different age groups. This makes our women’s short-sleeved t-shirts an excellent marketing product for active brand awareness. The 180 GSM weight, makes our women’s t-shirts lightweight and breathable - perfect to carry in the scorching sun and dry-humid conditions. For long-lasting prints and colors, our women’s short sleeved t-shirts are flow-dyed. This helps prevent color bleeding and improves colorfastness even after extensive use.

For maximum exposure and brand recognition, we offer a wide spectrum of size options ranging from XS to 3X. The six sizes include 34”, 36”, 38”, 40”, 42”, 44” and 46”. We also offer huge discounts on bulk offers, so order your set of women’s short sleeved shirts for impactful branding at a minimal cost.

Personalize Short Sleeve Women’s T-shirts For Brand Recognition

Personalized t-shirts are the perfect means when looking for impactful promotion on the go. Whether increasing brand recognition or creating a buzz for your brand’s latest campaigns, personalized t-shirts designed with the brand’s name, logo, artwork, or funny tagline, we offer exclusive service to personalize the t-shirts with digital printing technique. The use of the digital printing technique helps offer impeccable prints.

For effective branding and immense exposure, we print your specified design on the front/back/front & back sides of the t-shirts within the 8.27” X 11.69” area. We can also get the artwork printing on the left of the t-shirt around the chest within a 4” X 4” area.

Our Easy-to-Maintain Women’s Short Sleeved Crew Neck T-shirts Come with a Warranty

Our women’s short sleeved crew-neck t-shirts are easy to maintain and last a lifetime. They come with a durability of up to 25 washes. Follow the following washing instructions to increase their durability.

  • Use mild detergent containing no bleaching agents to wash the t-shirts.
  • Don’t soak the t-shirts in hot water or leave them wet for a long time to avoid color transfer or discoloration.
  • Don’t tumble dry the t-shirts, or in the direct sunlight.
  • To ensure the print remains intact, avoid scrubbing or ironing it.
  • Make sure, you turn the garment inside out during washing, drying, and ironing.