Wood Chalkboard

Wood Chalkboard

  • Durable wood chalkboard lasts up to 5 years.
  • Frame is designed of high-quality 43"x24" plywood.
  • Easy-to-use portable wooden sandwich board.
  • Comes with two 36"x24" black chalkboard panels.
  • Dimension: 2 ft wide and 3 ft tall.

Durable Wood Chalkboards for Daily Promotional Displays at Storefront

Draw attention of passersby to your store or office with our durable wood chalkboards. Our wooden chalkboards come with a clean, blank surface for you to write and display daily promotional content on behalf of the store. Along with brand communication, you can use this sidewalk board for sharing thoughts on life, humanity, animal love and care, and many more attractive themes for your purpose.

Our wood frame sign has a lifespan of 5 years. They are made to withstand all moderate outdoor elements. You can set up your wooden frame sign daily without fear of damage. For extreme weather protection, we suggest you check signicade deluxe, wind signs, metal A-frames, and similar products available at BestofSigns.

Made with high-quality plywood, our frame doesn’t swell due to water exposure. It provides strength to your chalkboard preventing chips, breakage and splinters. It is 2 ft. wide and 3 ft. tall in size.

Our frame is created 43" lengthwise and 24" widthwise with two fitted chalkboard panels on either side. These panels are 36" in length & 24" wide. With a large surface area, you can easily spread your words out loud.

Lightweight & Easy-to-Use Wood Sandwich Board

Our chalkboards weigh only 18.2 lbs. They are lightweight and allow you to easily port them. You can shift them without hassle or muscle when you shut the shop or open it the next day, or when the weather conditions become extreme.

The chalkboard comes with a ‘slide’ feature for you to attach your two panels while cleaning and usage. Please note that we don’t provide chalk kits/ chalk ink packs with our product.

Get a Discount on Bulk Orders of Wood Chalkboard

If you are placing an order in quantities ranging from 1-100, you will be eligible to get special discounts. Check our detailed overview table of different quantities available with an applicable bulk discount. Place an order to display attention-grabbing content at your storefront with your wood chalkboards now!