You Are Here Floor Mats

You Are Here Floor Mats


Show Guests There In the Right Place With 'You Are Here' Floor Mats

  • Buy our printed floor mats with resilient coral fleece.
  • Nitrile rubber backing has high friction to avoid slips.
  • These mats come in 1440-DPI resolution for sharp clarity.
  • Choose between indoor and outdoor mats for your area.

Rugged and Low-Maintenance 'You Are Here' Floor Mats

A welcoming decor adds a delicate touch to establishments to greet guests. Consider our 'You are Here' floor mats to welcome visitors properly as they enter a lobby or a particular room in your complex. Use them inside or outside to accommodate various settings.

Our printed floor mats use coral fleece material to hold up well from foot traffic and water exposure. The tough pile removes debris from shoes while offering a pleasant message.

With a simple design and notable contrast, these customizable floor mats are easy to notice on your floors. Using 1440-DPI resolution, the text and graphics are sharp, adding a visually appealing effect.

Clean the coral fleece mats easily by spraying them with a hose to remove dirt and stains, with no cleaning products necessary. For drying, just lay them flat outside before putting them back.

Printed Floor Mats Support Indoor and Outdoor Use

The customizable floor mats come in indoor or outdoor versions. Outdoor mats are bulkier for added durability, while indoor mats are lighter. The indoor mats come in two sizes to match up with doorway sizes.

The backing of the coral fleece mats comprises a textured material for gripping surfaces. As a result, the mats don't slide and cause guests to fall when walking or standing on them.

Receive Discounts on 'You Are Here' Floor Mats

We apply a bulk quantity discount when you order two or more coral fleece mats. With more mats in the order, the price per mat reduces to suit small business entrepreneurs.

Shop 'You Are Here' floor mats for your organization online at Best of Signs.