6 Steps to Apply Truck & Vehicle Lettering

Vinyl banners and hoardings are a great way to reach out to your target audience and make new customers in your business. They are cost efficient and also very cheap and easy to put up. The latest addition to the vinyl family is truck and vehicle lettering. They are even more beneficial, as they would transport to different areas attracting more number of people to your product.

This is a great idea to get a lot of people and hence develop a strong customer base for your business. Also, this helps a great deal if you want to make your product a brand name. As the more number of times the product flashes, the more people will get to know about the same.

Lettering for advertisement has been around for quite some time; however, it has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. Vehicle lettering can be easily applied to your car, SUV or your trucks in a matter of minutes. They are easy to be applied and remove easily as well. They are the best way to stand out in the crowd of advertising and have your product have its own voice.

It is the best method to have a single investment in a vehicle lettering, which allows you to save a lot of time and also gets you the best returns in the shortest amount of time. There are only little mistakes which one has to take care not to do and you are all set! These are a few things to keep in mind while getting vinyl vehicle or truck lettering…

  • Larger fonts work the best: It is important to note that larger fonts are more attractive and will get more people to notice your advertisement on truck or vehicle lettering, even from a distance. Ideally these fonts should be three inches tall. The color of the lettering should be in contrast of that of the vehicle for them to strike out and make an impression.
  • Lettering should add meaning to an advertisement: Vehicle lettering should add meaning to the slogan on the vehicle and it should be visible from a distance to have a proper effect on all the people who take notice of the same. They should be the best in the market and should have proper font which is more recognizable rather than fancy.
  • Keep it short and simple: Don’t write the entire mission and vision of your company or product on the vehicles. All you need is a short and simple message or a caption showing your products USP or the sale or the agenda of the campaign. People wouldn’t have extra time to read the entire message as they are going to be in a hurry, hence it is important to note that the graphics should be simpler and shorter.
  • Using effects: It is important to have an outline effect around the vinyl lettering as it will help the people to take notice of the lettering and will make the people know exactly what to read. It might cost a few extra bucks, but trust me, it’s worth the effort.
  • Use reflective web decals: These types of products have a deep color tone in daylight and it reflects brightly at night. A reflective product costs a little more, but it’s a small price to pay for 24 hour exposure versus daylight only lettering as it will certainly fetch you more potential customers.
  • Use graphics: Make sure you use graphics to enhance the way the lettering looks and also the way it is stuck on the vehicle. Using graphics will make people take notice of the advertisement and it will make sure that a lot of people take interest in the products advertisement.
  • Message: The message should be easy to comprehend and easily understood in the lettering. It should not be difficult to be understood and should be very simply stated. Experiments are good but they spoil the basic agenda of advertising if they are not properly understood.

Vehicle and truck lettering are the best way to get a lot of exposure for your product and business and are the best way to get  customers.

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