Step and Repeat: What It Is & How to Design One

Brand awareness is essential for a company’s success. As a business, you have to find creative ways to cut through the static and make your brand standout in the minds of customers. Step and repeat banners put your brand and your logo front and center in store or at events. Keep reading to learn what a step and repeat banner is and how you can design one for your brand.

What Is a Step and Repeat Banner?

If you have ever seen photos of celebrities walking the red carpet, or if you’ve been to an event with a lot of sponsors, you’ve likely seen a step and repeat. These banners are popular backdrops for event marketing too.

Step and Repeat banners provide the perfect backdrop for branded photo ops. In fact, the name ““step and repeat” originated from Hollywood. Photographers direct talent to step in front of the banner so they can take pictures, then they have others repeat the process.

Today, step and repeat banners aren’t just for Hollywood starlets. Advertisers and business owners have realized these marketing tools are great for generating brand awareness. You’ve probably seen step and repeats at trade shows, grand openings, or sporting events.

These banners are used to promote event sponsors or companies by showcasing the repeating design of their logo and name. This smart design strategy ensures your logo and name are visible in all photos taken in front of the backdrop.

Why Your Business Needs These Banners

Even if you aren’t planning a major blockbuster release, your business can see big results from investing in step and repeat banners. When used properly, these products generate great brand visibility and free press for your company. In the age of Instagram and selfies, people love a great photo op.

Photos taken in front of the step and repeat banners can be shared on social platforms of all types, allowing your brand to reach even more people at no additional cost to you.

Choosing The Right-Sized Stand

The rule of thumb when it comes to picking the right-sized Step and Repeat banner is to ensure that it is wider and taller than the people taking photos in front of them. It’s ideal to have the banner fit the entire frame of any photos taken. This approach yields aesthetically appealing and well-branded photos.

Consider if photos will primarily consist of individuals or groups and measure your space to see what dimensions will work best. A step and repeat is typically set up with a series of panels or draping placed over adjustable telescopic legs.

Step and repeat banners come in several sizes. Here are some of the adjustable banner stand sizes you can choose from:

  • 5×6 ft
  • 5×8 ft
  • 6×8 ft
  • 8×8 ft
  • 9×8 ft
  • 10×8 ft

There are also step and repeat wall box fabric display options that come in the following sizes:

  • 8×15 ft
  • 10×10 ft
  • 20×8 ft
  • 20×10 ft

Designing Your Perfect Step and Repeat

Great design will elevate your step and repeat banner and your brand. Here are some design considerations to keep in mind. Use these tips to produce high-quality graphics for your step and repeat banners:

  • Submit high-resolution photos to ensure great print reproduction
  • Keep colors aligned with your brand’s colors
  • Make sure your logos are consistent
  • Use a pattern to space out your logos
  • Hire a graphic designer to guide you

How to Market with Step and Repeat Banners

Once you’ve designed the perfect step and repeat banner, it’s time to market your event. Enhance your step and repeat with other visual elements. Neon signs, plants and flowers, and custom flags are a few options you could add to your event space. Complete the look with a red carpet and photo booth props to encourage attendees to snap some social-media worthy photos.

Get your guest involved and incentivize them to share their photos by hosting a contest or offering giveaways. Create a hashtag for your event and make sure guests tag your business in their photos and stories. Invite local media to your grand openings and events and send press releases to community publications with your step and repeat photos attached.

In Conclusion

Step and repeats are durable yet easy to assemble and breakdown. When it comes to design, the sky’s the limit. You can choose from premade templates or work with a designer to bring your unique vision to life. When it’s finally the day of the event, make sure your space is decorated with eye-popping elements that direct guests’ attention to your branded step and repeat and encourage them to take photos. These steps ensure your brand is presented in the best way possible to increase brand visibility.

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