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Step & Repeat Displays

8x8 Step And Repeat Banners
8x8 Step And Repeat Banners
( 4.56/5 )
Starts at $125.10
Step and Repeat Banners
Step and Repeat Banners
( 4.56/5 )
Starts at $6.29

High-quality Step & Repeat Displays for Events, Marketing Campaigns, & More

Add new dimensions to your business strategies and performance with innovative displays and marketing materials. It is always good to invest in new trends and tools to level up your brand game. Therefore, we bring you step and repeat displays that can re-define the ways you advertise and promote your business. Step and repeat backdrops are available with eye-catching repetitive graphics that surely hold the attention from all across. 

Available in different variations, order banners and banner stands as per your requirements. Explore and order with your choice of graphics, sizes, quantities, and more specifications. The step and repeat graphic prints are attention-grabbing at the very first look and fit the requirements of every red carpet event. They add glam quotient and charm to any trade show, promotional event, exhibition, and even personal celebrations too. Occasions like birthdays, weddings, cocktails, graduation day celebrations, baby showers, and many more events can be celebrated beautifully with 8x8 step and repeat banners, step and repeat fabric pop up curved displays, and so much more.

Create Artwork Online for Accurate Results

Our online design studio is available to provide you with a quick brief on designing or uploading the artwork online. This feature contains a few templates to let you pick the designs from the collection. Choose design templates, add color, add text, and more elements for desirable step and repeat backdrops for an upcoming event. Otherwise, if you wish to upload the self-designed or registered brand logo and tagline for the displays, choose the option - ‘Upload Artwork’ for a quick submission of the creatives. Fast and free super saver shipping applies to our variety of step and repeats displays.

Explore Options for Desired Step and Repeat Backdrop

Add them to your bucket list for future events as they serve the best purpose for photography. Photography backdrops add an extra charm to events and bring enthusiasm among guests to get the shots captured as memories. Events like press conferences, conventions, trade shows, auto expos, or family events need a step and repeat backdrops, step and repeat pillowcase backdrops, and so much more.

Browse, select, design, and order your choice of step and repeat displays as we have an ocean of options to offer you. Choose out of 6 ft x 8 ft Step and Repeat Adjustable Banner Stands, 10 ft x 8 ft Step and Repeat Wall Box Fabric Displays, custom vinyl banners, flags, and many more. Contact us for more information and product inquiry. Our customer support is here to assist you 24x7.

Step and Repeat Display FAQs:

1. What is the standard size of a step and repeat banner?

Ans: The standard sizes for Step and Repeat Banners are 3' x 2' ; 8' x 8' ; 10' x 8' (W x H).

2. How many grommet holes are made for step and repeat banners?

Ans: We do not provide any grommets in Step and Repeat Banners. However, you can select the hanging options for its alternative.

3. Can I have my artwork printed on the front and back of the step and repeat banner?

Ans: We provide the flexibility to print your artwork on either one or both sides of the banner, according to your preferences and requirements.

4. Can I set up a step and repeat banner with a stand on my own?

Ans: Yes! Our banner stands are designed to be user-friendly and straightforward to assemble without any professional assistance. Before you begin, ensure that you have ample ground space to fit the banner components together, and then simply follow the step-by-step instructions outlined in the "How to Setup" manual."

5. What kind of fabric and material do you use?

Ans: When it comes to selecting vinyl material for your banner, we offer a premium option of 11 oz high-quality PVC material. Alternatively, if you opt for fabric material, your product will be constructed using 230 GSM polyester fabric, ensuring optimal durability and longevity.

6. Why isn’t there any option for grommets on a step and repeat banner with a stand?

Ans: Grommets are primarily utilized for mounting banners against a wall. However, banners that come with stands do not require grommets as the stand provides ample support for banners with pole pockets located on multiple sides.

7. What is the lifespan of a step and repeat banners?

Ans: While step and repeat banners constructed from vinyl material typically have a minimum lifespan of 8-10 months, those made from fabric material can last up to 14-16 months if properly cared for and maintained.

8. How do I remove wrinkles from step and repeat banner?

Ans: When ironing your banner, it is important to ensure that the fabric is completely dry before proceeding. If dry, use a high temperature setting with plain paper between the fabric and the iron plate. In the event that the fabric is moist, opt for a moderate temperature setting with plain paper between the fabric and the iron plate. It is important to avoid ironing when the fabric is soaking wet.