Caution Automatic Gates, No Playing Aluminum Sign (HIP Reflective)

Caution Automatic Gates, No Playing Aluminum Sign (HIP Reflective)


Alert People with Our ‘Caution Automatic Gates - No Playing’ Aluminum Signs to be Careful & Safe

  • Made of 80 mil thick, rustproof aluminum base material.
  • Digitally printed graphic material that is 390 microns thick.
  • 400 GSM graphic material comes with 3M’s high-intensity grade reflectivity.
  • Laminated for enhanced weather, abrasions, & chemical resistance.
  • Parking signs offer 10 years of durability with lamination.

HIP Reflective ‘Caution Automatic Gates - No Playing’ Signs Made of Heavy-Duty & Rustproof Aluminum Base

Warn cars, visitors, and everyone to be cautious around the automatic gates and stay safe by installing Best of Signs ‘Caution Automatic Gates - No Playing’ aluminum signs. The automatic gate will open for a short duration and if children or others try to pass through following others, it can cause accidents or injuries. Engineered from robust 80 mil thick heavy-duty aluminum, our signs do not rust on exposure to harsh weather. Robust and resilient, they come with a 10-year durability with lamination. This strong and sturdy topcoat makes them withstand chemical exposure, scuffs, scratches, and water with great ease.

Our automatic gate warning signs are equipped with 3M’s high-intensity grade reflective graphics that weigh 400 GSM and are 390 microns thick. What’s more, the superior graphics offer three times more reflectance than engineer-grade reflective signs. The prismatic sheeting of the graphics is applied using a pressure-sensitive adhesive that meets all the required regulatory standards. Bright and striking with digital printing, our gates open towards vehicles signs are eye-catching. Showcasing extra brightness when approached from an angle, our signs are ideal to warn everyone to be cautious around the automatic gates.

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