Countertop Sneeze Guard - Clear Acrylic

Countertop Sneeze Guard - Clear Acrylic

  • 5-mm thick cast acrylic construction offers durability.
  • The clear material provides an unobstructed view.
  • The online design tool allows customization.
  • A counter and table placement style eases the set up.
  • Special bulk discounts generate cost savings.

Countertop Sneeze Guards for Maximum Protection in Your Establishment

Countertop Sneeze Guards Are Hard Wearing

Promoting hygiene and social distancing should be a primary concern for businesses keen on retaining safe face-to-face communications with clients. Our countertop sneeze guards are convenient for checkout counters and teller windows, preventing germ spread with coughs or sneeze droplets. Their innovative design makes them easy to install to ensure added protection during transactions.

With thick acrylic components, the acrylic screen guards are durable. Their 12.2-pound square meter construction lasts for a long time to facilitate high-traffic applications. They also have high tensile strength and resistance, which eliminates the need for replacements.

The glossy protective partitions have an attractive sheen that makes them an aesthetic addition to your establishment. They also have rounded polished edges for a neat appeal. With direct UV prints on the substrate, the guards have a premium look that quickly draws the attention of walk-in traffic. Their transparent acrylic material offers maximum visibility.

Use our online design tool to customize the countertop screen guards to match specific requirements. You can tailor the size, and select either of our countertop or hanging designs to facilitate fast ordering. If you need an original concept, use the upload option to make your submission.

Clear Acrylic Sneeze Guards Are Easy to Maintain and Use

The guards have a cut-out bottom section which allows a swift exchange of cards, money, or products. The countertop design offers easy assembly with common tools for a firm outcome. They also have a lightweight build which enables relocation or transportation should you change the room layout.

The acrylic sneeze guards resist smudges and scratches, lowering maintenance requirements. They feature smooth surfaces that are easy to sanitize with ordinary cleaning agents. Use a simple soap solution and water for best results.

Buy Countertop Sneeze Guards in Bulk for Cost Savings

Make bulk purchases of the sneeze guards and enjoy discounts that help your company save. Our offers cover all orders ranging from 2 to 500 sneeze guards to accommodate individuals and small companies.

Shop countertop sneeze guards for your organization online at Best of Signs.