Countertop Sneeze Guard - Clear Acrylic

Countertop Sneeze Guard - Clear Acrylic


Utmost protection at billing counters, receptions of offices, grocery stores:

  • High-strength clear cast acrylic material 
  • Bulk quantities available
  • Various sizes of sneeze guards to fit in your workspace
  • Direct UV prints on substrate

Protect employees, staff, visitors, customers at the counters with Sturdy Countertop Sneeze Guards  

Countertop Sneeze Guards make it all possible to bring utmost protection and hygiene against the deadly spread of COVID-19 at your convenience stores, offices, shops, banking institutions, pharmacies, and other public venues where constant visiting and interaction by the public is required. It is the common fight against the Coronavirus pandemic and it’s time to stand united by working commonly towards one goal i.e., Stay Safe, Stay Protected from COVID-19. Hence, it can only be met when every one of us, including the corporate firms and commercial or manufacturing units, adhere to the precautionary measures to stop the infection enter your premises. This is because this is not just an infection but a dreadful situation that is affecting our lives, our precious breaths. Therefore, Countertop Sneeze Guards come as the recommended and one of the vital displays for the counters to protect both the employees and customers from being infected from any kind of infection or airborne carrier. 

High-quality yet affordable Sneeze Guards – Safeguard you round the clock

By installing these durable and highly-performable sneeze guards, we can minimize and even in some cases kill the scope of being infected from the COVID-19 outbreak. The sturdy cast acrylic sneeze guards being displayed at the counter desk or billing desk act as the physical barriers and thus protect and safeguard the individuals from the droplets of sneezes or coughing at the other side of the sneeze guard. They have been made from durable materials and direct UV prints on the substrate turn the quality of the product to a higher level. You can quickly move to the checkout window once all the size selection, or selecting the designs have been done. Our supportive customer crew and online designers are available to assist you in any queries concerned with prices, sizes, material know-how, delivery info., and so much more. Contact BestofSigns now to get the COVID-19 signages, Countertop sneeze guards, hanging sneeze guards, and other signs delivered safely at your doorstep.