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Clear Acrylic Screen Guard

Safeguard Against Airborne Contamination and Pathogens With Safety Sneeze Guards

Highly Durable Safety Sneeze Guards Shield Slow the Spread of Pathogens

To curb the spread of airborne diseases and minimize physical contact, install protective apparatuses. Durable acrylic sneeze guards work with tables, shop counters, offices, and school desks for maximum protection against contaminants. The protective guards offer superior resistance against wear and tear. The clear sneeze guards are sturdy enough to reduce the replacement frequency. Some varieties come with heavy discounts on bulk purchases.

Clear Acrylic Safety Sneeze Guards Offer Convenient Protection

Safety sneeze guards come with prominent features that stand out. Protective guards have a round-edged design to minimize accidents from pointed corners. Tabletop desk dividers have a small window cutout which allows product and monetary exchanges with negligible physical contact. Desk dividers also allow enough room for elbow movement, owing to the carved panels on the sides. Transparent sneeze guards make interactions and communication between people easy. Cleaning the guards is effortless owing to the surface clarity that makes dirt and stains visible.

Clear Sneeze Guards With Pre-Defined Dimensions Offer Hassle-Free Installation

Dividers come in pre-defined sizes to accommodate space. Small hanging clear guards, measuring 24 in L x 24 in W, come with ceiling attachment strings. Our office desk dividers are available in eight different sizes, with 48 in L x 30 in W being the maximum. The tabletop dividers come with a shield and side feet to maintain a perpendicular position. The dimensions of our three-panel sneeze guards start at 2 ft L x 2 ft W x 2 Ft H for full-frontal coverage. We offer intersecting panels with desk dividers that measure up to 4 ft. Lightweight acrylic sneeze guards are easy to carry and assemble.