Curbside Pick Up Only Metal Frames

Curbside Pick Up Only Metal Frames

  • Curbside stands made of strong materials, increasing durability.
  • Our printing produces crisp visuals, which improve readability.
  • We use an eco-friendly printing mechanism to reduce emissions.
  • Preprinted signs save your time and effort.

'Curbside Pickup Only' Metal Frames Let Customers Know About Your Status

Long-lasting Curbside Pickup Signs Don't Deform

Our metal frame stands to inform passers-by that your restaurant or store offers pickup-only services and online ordering for the convenience of everyone. Made of 4mm thick, water-resistant 890 grams per square meter (GSM) corflute, our signs are ideal for outdoor uses for extended periods of time.

The frame made of MS cold-rolled coil (CRC) steel, a high-tensile-strength metal, can withstand rough treatment without breaking or deforming.

Images with a resolution of 600 dots per inch (dpi) are sharp and visible from a distance. Full-color ultraviolet (UV) printing gives your graphics a vibrant appearance that draws attention, ensuring that people see your message. Such a printing does not smear or smudge, and the images on the CRC frames remain crisp and legible even in poor weather.

There are customization options available to help you personalize your order to meet your specific requirements. You can order the frames and panels together or separately. Also, depending on the application, get one or two metal frame panels to maximize the exposure of your message.

Eco-friendly and Ready-to-Use Order Online Signs

We use an environment-friendly printing process to avoid releasing solvents into the air. Such printing ensures that the signage is long lasting, allowing you to meet its ethical obligations.

The preprinted messaging on our metal frame stands informs passers-by that your restaurant only offers curbside pickup and that customers can order by phone or online.

Bulk Orders Available for Curbside Pickup Signs

Order in bulk quantities ranging from two to more than 500, based on your facility's size, budget, and needs. The cost-effective solution allows you to obtain the pickup only signs for effective communication.

Purchase Curbside Pickup Only Metal Frames online at Best of Signs.