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Curbside / Takeout / Delivery / Drive Thru Metal Frames

Easy to Install, Superior Quality Metal Frame Signs

Ready-to-Use, Preprinted Curbside Pickup Only Signs

Using clear and concise messages to engage people contributes to a positive overall dining experience. Such indicators are especially important when conditions necessitate contactless transactions. Our preprinted curbside signage is lightweight and simple to install. Our curbside/takeout/delivery/drive-thru metal frame signs are available in a variety of styles that will complement the theme of your establishment. You don't have to worry about conceptualizing and printing your own signs with the availability of various signs and messages. Choose your sign from our selection, and you'll have it up and running in your physical location in no time.

Signs With Heavy-duty Metal Frames and High-quality UV Printing

Our high-quality, lightweight corflute plastic signs allow you to set up and take down your signage in a matter of seconds. The no-dining signs will provide you with long-lasting service by using a sturdy, weather-resistant metal frame. The MS cold-rolled coil (CRC) black powder-coated steel is resistant to the elements and requires little maintenance. The high-resolution large format graphics panels have a longer print life thanks to full-color 600 dots per inch (dpi) ultraviolet (UV) printing. Whether you're putting up pickup only or custom closed signs, you can be confident that our signs are of superior quality.

Get Special Discounts on Our Metal Frame Signs

The preprinted messages are available in single-sided and double-sided graphics panels. Our signs allow you to optimize the visibility of your delivery or pickup only signs based on the layout of your curbside. If you want to customize your own message, you can order the frame with or without a graphics panel. If you select several pieces of the same frame for multiple locations, you can take advantage of special bulk discounts.