Desktop Sneeze Guard

Desktop Sneeze Guard

  • The guards have a sturdy cast acrylic material.
  • Every unit comes with three see-through panels.
  • The glossy finish gives the guards a premium look.
  • You can customize the shape and size of the desktop guards.

Desktop Sneeze Guards to Protect Your Employees From Airborne Diseases

Strong Acrylic Desktop Sneeze Guards Protect Everyone

As Covid-19 restrictions imposed on businesses change, many employers realize they need to adjust their approach to protect their employees. Our desktop sneeze guards are an excellent way to protect employees and customers from the spread of airborne viruses. 

The cast acrylic material used to make the guards is resilient and sturdy. Employees can’t accidentally break the guards when working. This means that you don’t have to spend your money on constant replacements.

The office sneeze guards come with three transparent panels. There’s one on the front and two on the sides, creating a physical barrier between a worker’s station and their colleagues. The panels prevent droplets from transferring pathogens while providing a visual interface for clear communication. 

Each guard has a precise finish for a premium look. The aesthetic appeal can make a work area more comfortable for employees reporting back to work. If your offices receive clients and visitors, the clear acrylic sneeze guards protect them while offering a safe and attractive environment

Easy-to-Customize, Clear Acrylic Sneeze Guards 

If you have different size workstations, our online tool lets you customize the guards. This ensures that you get exactly what your employees need.

With rounded corners, the guards minimize injuries sometimes experienced with sharp corners. The safety feature also assures apprehensive employees.

Desktop Sneeze Guards Have Priority Shipping

Choose priority shipping when you order our partition sneeze guards. Based on your order and location, you can have the guards in your office in as little as seven days.

Shop desktop sneeze guards to protect your workers and clients online at Best of Signs.