Desktop Sneeze Guard

Desktop Sneeze Guard


Protective Desk Partitions for Offices:

  • Clear cast acrylic panels are tensile and sturdy
  • Three see-through panels included
  • The Glossy finish and rounded corners offer an aesthetic appeal and are safe too
  • Bulk quantity purchases and discounts available

Ensure your employees on safety measures for the new normal with Desktop Sneeze Guards

Equipping workspaces with efficient safety methods and products is the new normal. Getting back to work post the pandemic lockdown might be confusing or threatening for many of them. But organizations ensuring their staff on the right amendments made to the sitting plan with the rightly chosen preventive measures would bring much relief. Employees would be glad to re-join to a workspace that ensures them on prevention against the airborne diseases.

Install Sneeze Guards for Round-the-clock Prevention at Corporate Spaces

  • Transform openwork structures or cubicles into separate spaces to bring in protection from airborne contagions released from coughing, sneezing, and even interacting.
  • Installation of desktop sneeze guards prevents the individuals from germs while they can maintain a feasible distance among themselves.
  • The sneeze guard encompasses cast acrylic three-sided panels – one for the front and two at the sides that altogether offers better protection from surroundings.
  • Employees can work and maintain social distance with colleagues easily, and therefore, can attain an improved and hygienic work environment for themselves and others too.
  • Clear cast acrylic panels are robust to serve the long-lasting usage at crowded workplaces too.
  • The rounded corners and cast acrylic material is safe and secure.
  • Transparency of the sneeze guards provides a clear view to the employee and other staff members too.
  • They are easy-to-fix and install with no further wastage on time and effort.
  • Desktop sneeze guards are available in three unique sizes so that different space requirements can easily be met at every corporate organization.
  • Also, these individual desk guards fit best for commercial setups where the separate alignment of workspace is required.
  • Staff counters, manager’s desk or counter can be safeguarded with these desktop sneeze guards.
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