Do the Five Help Stop Spread Coronavirus Straight Pillow Case Backdrop

  • Pillow case backdrop made from polyester fabric.
  • Durable backdrop available in three predefined sizes.
  • Comes with easy washing and drying options.
  • Special price applicable on bulk quantity orders.

Pillow Case Backdrop Made From Durable Polyester Fabric

Essential signage to inform about coronavirus preventive measures, the straight pillow case backdrop is made from quality polyester fabric. Crafted to help contain the pandemic, the backdrop comes in three predefined sizes i.e. 8ft. x 8ft., 10ft. x 8ft, and 20ft. x 10ft to suit your requirements.

Tough and durable, the coronavirus straight pillow case backdrop is sure to make a lasting impression on everybody. Manufactured with a graphic weight of 230 GSM, the pillow case backdrop is designed to retain its glow.

Armed with sturdy poles to support the backdrop, the signage will definitely create an impact like never before. With a pole diameter of 32 mm and pole thickness of 1.4 mm, the pillow case backdrop is sure to stand tall and inform all about the Covid-19 precautionary measures.

Robust, trendy, and durable, the amazing backdrops are available at a reasonable price. Crafted to notify the citizens about the ways to stop the pandemic from spreading, the pillow case backdrop is available with free shipping for orders over $99.

Straight Pillow Case Backdrop with Smart Graphic Care Instructions

Curated with care and precision, the sophisticated backdrops can be easily hand-washed for best results. Alternatively, it can also be washed in a machine at regular temperature with mild detergent. As per the drying options, you could opt for drip/line dry or tumble dry at the gentlest setting.

To get rid of the wrinkles, the straight case backdrop should be ironed using plain paper in between the fabric and the iron plate. If the backdrop is fully dry, iron at a high temperature. When moist, iron at a moderate temperature. Avoid ironing if the backdrop is soaked to keep it from getting spoiled.

Buy Straight Pillow Case Backdrop at Discounted Rates

Uniquely designed to spread awareness, the pillow case backdrop is available at a special price when ordered in large quantities. Upon purchasing multiple backdrops in one order, you are entitled to an exciting discount. Available with ‘Priority’ shipping at checkout for fast delivery, the backdrops can be brought with just a few clicks. Place your order now!

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