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Our 'Do the Five' Straight Pillow Case Backdrops will help you raise awareness.

Straight Pillow Case Backdrops that are durable and wrinkle-free

One approach to protecting yourself and your community safe from airborne illnesses is to use accurate and eye-catching messaging. To raise awareness and promote safety advice, use our attention-grabbing straight pillow cover backgrounds. Made of wrinkle-free polyester fabric, the signs are easy to maintain and ready for presentation. The backdrop displays are also lightweight and easy to transport from one location to another. Order our signs with or without graphics, allowing you to personalize them. Various sizes, ranging from 8 x 8 ft to 20 x 10 ft, are available to match your available area.

Low-Maintenance, Easy-to-carry Straight Pillow Case Backdrop

As you are stepping up with efforts to raise awareness about the dangers of airborne illnesses and how to avoid them. Use our stop the spread signs to help spread the word about this message. Each one is machine washable with a light detergent and low-temperature water, making it simple to keep clean. Then, for the greatest results, lay them flat to dry. Place our handwashing signage at the entrance of your facility to improve exposure and build trust.

Discounted Pandemic Safety Signs that are simple to install

Our straight pillow case backdrops are simple to assemble by simply slipping over the strong poles like a pillowcase over a pillow. The pole is 32mm in diameter and 1.4mm in thickness. The more people who see the sign, the more exposure the message receives, so consider adding more signs to cover more territory. When you buy signs in quantity, you may save money. Bulk discounts are available on purchases of two or more signs. Use our pandemic signs to educate your neighbors of the Do the Five movement's role in preventing the transmission of airborne diseases.