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Hospitals / Clinics Straight Pillow Case Backdrop

Straight Pillow Case Backdrops Provide Information Quickly

Long-lasting Health Safety Signs are a Smart Purchase

Attention-grabbing hospital backdrops are important for medical facilities when people need to be updated about a pandemic quickly and efficiently. We offer a selection of pillowcase signs with information on how to prevent airborne diseases from spreading. The print graphics on quality polyester resist stretching for a tight fit and are available as an option with the stands. The fabric is wrinkle-free to extend the product's service life, make it worth every cent.

Straight Pillow Case Backdrops with Personalization Options are Easy to Understand

Communication is important in times of emergency, such as a pandemic. With backdrops that are simple to understand, you can ensure accurate information is provided. We can personalize stay-at-home signs with various health information, such as reminders to social distance, wash hands, and advise against airborne infections in a simple and easy-to-understand way. To fit your style, you may buy the backgrounds with or without graphics. Double-sided printing makes your health and safety signs visible from all directions. The backdrops are available in pre-defined sizes ranging from 8 to 8 ft to 20 × 10 ft, measure the area it takes up before you order. It will save time and effort by avoiding purchases of ill-fitting signs.

Clinic Backdrops have Handy Features

Our clinic backdrops feature lightweight aluminum frames that are easy to move. The signs are lightweight and easy to transport, reducing the strain of moving heavy frames. To make installation easier, each set includes a frame, corner connections, and a base panel. Setup does not need complex equipment or professional labor, and installation hardware is available. The cloth is foldable, making the backgrounds easier to store. The concealed zipper achieves a seamless appearance at the bottom. Finally, the displays are well priced, with discounts available on bulk orders.

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