Our Lobby is Temporarily Closed Vinyl Banners

Our Lobby is Temporarily Closed Vinyl Banners

  • High-strength polyvinyl chloride (PVC) structure makes the banners sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Full-color printing generates high-resolution images that are easily visible from afar.
  • Suit your individualized requirements with an array of customization options.
  • Lightweight construction ensures portability and easy handling.
  • Ready-to-use banners come with preprinted messages to spare you the efforts that go into self-designing.

Display Temporary Closure of Your Operations With Superior Quality Vinyl Banners

Customizable Temporarily Closed Banners Offer High Durability

Unprecedented events, such as calamities or disease outbreaks, push governments towards imposing restrictions on daily activities. Such restrictions can severely affect small businesses. If you are in the middle of operational restrictions, you would want to keep your clients and staff members updated about the status of your operations. Our temporarily closed banners offer an effective means for you to communicate with your staff and clients about the temporary operational closure of your services. With a display banner in place, you don't have to physically interact with anyone to convey your message, which will save you and your clients from airborne infections.

Featuring a resilient PVC flex structure, the vinyl banners are highly durable. Tough construction makes the banners suitable for outdoor usage with negligible chances of deterioration in their quality.

High-resolution images printed at 720 dots per inch (dpi) are visually pleasing. Crisp graphics and texts from full-color printing are easily legible from a distance. Drive-thru banners feature a wide spectrum of colors to attract the attention of every individual that passes by to ensure clear and effective communication.

Explore various customization options to match your requirements. Choose from any of the standard sizes and upgrade to premium for better-looking graphics and enhanced product longevity. You may opt for two-sided printing on the business banners to maximize visibility. We offer five hanging options to meet different installation requisites. Add wing flaps to the vinyl banners for protection against strong winds or lamination for extra protection against abrasion. We offer accessories such as nylon ropes, zip ties, wall and pole brackets, hanging clamp bars, banner clips, and bungee cords to aid installation.

Predesigned and Lightweight Drive-thru Banners ensure Portability

Expose the intended message to as many people as you want by repositioning the business banners. Handling the banners is highly convenient, thanks to a lightweight structure that allows portability. The vinyl banners are reusable so you don't have to go off budget by frequently repurchasing new banners for subsequent display requirements.

Our drive-thru banners come with a preprinted message that intends to inform the readers about the amendments in your operations. This way, you can communicate with your clients with no physical contact and minimize the risk of transmission of airborne illnesses. Temporarily closed banners also let your clients know about the availability of your drive-thru services. Predesigned banners need no alterations from your end, saving you time, effort, and resources. You can put the vinyl banners to immediate display as soon as you receive the shipment.

Business Banners Are Easy to Care for

You do not need special cleaning agents to keep the restaurant banners shining. To clean the banners, simply wipe them with a moist cloth. Easy to clean banners save you a lot of time and effort by retaining their quality with minimal maintenance.

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