Office Tabletop Desk Divider Sneeze Guard - Clear Acrylic (4 person)

Office Tabletop Desk Divider Sneeze Guard - Clear Acrylic (4 person)


Add 4 physically distant yet shareable divisions to any office table in minutes with these clear desk dividers. 

  • Sneeze guard panels made of 5mm thick Clear Cast Acrylic
  • High tear-resistance and tensile strength
  • Create 4 separated sections on a tabletop instantly
  • In-stock & Ready-to-ship (free shipping)

Office Table Top Desk Divider Sneeze Guards- Create Four Workstations on Any Office Table/Desk Instantly

You don’t have to get rid of your old office desks or tables to create physically distant workstations to resume work during or after COVID-19. You can turn every desk or table into individual workstations for 4 people by installing these Office Table Top Desk Divider Sneeze Guards. These highly durable plexiglass acrylic desk dividers will not just create safety barriers between the people sharing that table but will also allow them to interact effectively. The transparent panels boast clear visibility, hence allowing people to communicate safely. Not to forget these sneeze guard barriers’ capability to contain the spread of airborne infections, making them just the optimum solution for every office or workspace.

Desk Divider Sneeze Guards With Two Intersecting Clear Panels 

These desk barriers include two acrylic panels that fit into each other to create separate sections in minutes. One of these clear panels is half-cut in the center from the top, while the other one is half-cut in the center from the bottom. When you fit the panels into each other, they will intersect just in the middle to create ready-to-use four individual spaces on the table. 

Highly Resilient Office Table Top Desk Divider

These 5mm thick clear acrylic panels possess a high tear-resistance of more than 1016 Ohm and tensile strength of 760 kg/cm2. These key features make these office desk dividers an optimum for everyday use. This long-lasting office essential is not just durable but equally portable, easy to clean & maintain. Plus, the high-quality panels will not damage your tabletop even after persistence use for a long time. Go ahead and make your office work desks and conference tables safe, separated, yet connected with a single safety tool.  Order your office table top dividers in bulk and end up saving huge on your order. Check the bulk buy discounts listed above. These sneeze guards for office desks are currently being shipped for FREE here at BestOfSigns. So, wait no more.