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Picture Frames & Holders

Custom Selfie Frames

Size (W X H): 1.5 Ft x 2 Ft

Starts at: $19.41

SEG Fabric Frames

Size (W X H): 2 Ft x 3 Ft

Starts at: $67.50

Poster Frames
Poster Frames

Size (W X H): 1 Ft x 1 Ft

Starts at: $51.26

Clip Frames
Clip Frames

Size (W X H): 1 Ft x 1 Ft

Starts at: $55.94

Portable Eye-Catching SEG Fabric Frames 

SEG Fabric Frames are Lightweight and Simple to Use

At conferences and trade shows, you may have the opportunity to meet potential clients in person. Our advertising frames help to have the proper booth displays and ones that are easy to remember. Our fabric frames are light, you may move and handle the frames with ease and with the utmost care. The frames are also simple to assemble and disassemble, so you can set it up in minutes and take it down in very little time. The graphics for the stands are similarly simple to set up and pack, and you can fold or roll it up without causing harm.

Custom Aluminium Fabric Frames to Meet Your Specific Requirements.

A sturdy and long-lasting advertising display is a wise investment. Our fabric frames feature a high-grade aluminum alloy with silver anodized hardware which is durable and also makes the frames attractive. The materials are strong and rust-resistant. Check out our extensive selection of display designs and colors to find ones that match your brand and will connect with your target audience. You may also choose a fabric frame size that matches your available area and improves the visibility of your images.

Bulk Order Discount Available for Promotional Displays 

One of the most appealing features of OLED screens is versatility. You may use frames in a variety of settings since your displays and stands will work just as well in your personal space as in a trade fair or exhibition. Optional graphics are also adjustable; besides being used in floor-standing advertising displays, you can suspend or even mount on a wall. When you order in quantity, you can also get a discount, making our advertising frames extremely cost-effective.