Reception Desk Sneeze Guard

Reception Desk Sneeze Guard


Amend workspaces for the New Normal:

  • 5550 GSM cast acrylic panels – Three
  • Glossy finished panels with rounded corners
  • Durable and portable
  • Transparent sneeze guards for clear vision

Realign Work Areas with Reception Desk Sneeze Guards

Transform workspaces, front desks, and other interactive spaces with quality sneeze guards or required safety tools. Safety measures and tools ensure improved prevention and protection for both the customer and employees from airborne and respiratory infections. Reception desk sneeze guards fit the needs for the reception desk or billing counters at the hotel, motel, grocery stores, offices, and other public places. Sturdy yet portable cast acrylic panels are easy-to-carry and install with no extra time or tools needed.

The glossy finished sneeze guard includes three panels that are feasible to fix and set up at the reception desk and thus ensures round the clock prevention for the employee seated at the front desk. Both the customer and the staff at the reception desk can communicate or exchange goods and documents without being trapped with airborne infections. COVID-19 or airborne infections have high chances of spreading through the droplets produced by sneezing, talking, or coughing. But these see-through and durable cast acrylic clear panels work as efficient barriers among humans to safeguard them from communicable diseases.

Sneeze Guards and other Safety Products for the New Normal

Three clear cast acrylic panels included one for the front and two of them at the sides for three-way prevention to the front-desk staff. They are available in three different sizes to complement the space requirements at various organizations and commercial setups. Secure front desks at your various hotel/motel branches, pharmacies, stores, or offices by adding them to your cart in bulk. Bulk quantity purchases are available on bulk discounts to offer you a cost-effective experience at BestofSigns.

Better work performance and results come through efficient and equipped infrastructures at the workplace. And, especially, this COVID-19 phase has realigned our minds and working patterns to the new normal. Adhering to the new normal encompasses the installation of sneeze guards for counters, receptions, or even adjusting screen sneeze shields, sanitizer dispenser floor stands, and many more reliable products. We offer safety banners, COVID-19 signs, decals, and other precautionary displays and products to let you amend and equip the workspaces for a safe and secure professional environment.

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