Reception Desk Sneeze Guard

Reception Desk Sneeze Guard


Protect Against Airborne Diseases With Reception Desk Sneeze Guard

  • Tear-resistant reception desk sneeze guards last long.
  • Sneeze guards are transparent for safe verbal communication.
  • Rounded corners and elbow cuts for easy exchange of items.
  • We have standard sizes you can choose from.
  • Our clear acrylic panels include one front and two side panels.

Safeguard Facilities With Reception Desk Sneeze Guards

It's easy to contract COVID-19 and other airborne diseases if you don't use barriers. Our reception desk sneeze guards protect people on both sides of the desk. We have sneeze guards that are an excellent addition to other preventive measures for your organization.

We make our reception desk sneeze guards from clear cast acrylic with a thickness of 5mm and a weight of 5550GSM. The cast material is waterproof, durable, and has a tensile strength of 760 kg/cm2.

The three panel reception desk guards are transparent. This feature allows for clear vision and safe verbal communication between colleagues and customers.

The clear reception sneeze guards have a glossy finish, which increases the aesthetic and contemporary look of your premises. They add a professional touch to invite new customers.

Reception Safety With Rounded Corners on the Clear Acrylic Sneeze Guards

With rounded corners and elbow cuts on the panels, the portable sneeze guards allow a simple exchange of money or IDs without obstruction.

We have three standard sizes for the desk sneeze guards you can choose. The guards are ready to ship, so standard sizes save you time.

3-Way Panels for Reception Desk Sneeze Guards

The safety sneeze guards include three clear acrylic panels - 1 front and 2 side panels - to safeguard the workspace. Our standard sizes will fit most any reception area.

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