Restaurant Tabletop Desk Divider Sneeze Guard - Clear Acrylic (4 person)

Restaurant Tabletop Desk Divider Sneeze Guard - Clear Acrylic (4 person)

  • Premium clear cast acrylic material allows visibility.
  • The lightweight material eases transport and setup.
  • The durable material with tear resistances ensures lasting use.
  • Sneeze guards come in a 4-part division for safe use.

Tabletop Sneeze Guards for Safe Restaurant Environment

Lightweight Sneeze Guards for Efficient Use

As your restaurant opens up again for business after the long COVID break, you need adjustments that will make customers safe. One way is protecting guests from aerosol viruses. Our sneeze guards help promote a safer dining space, and they allow for communication through the clear cast acrylic partitions.

Sneeze guards allow your customers to maintain a bond through communication. With our clear cast acrylic divider screens, customers can easily see others at the table. 

The sneeze guards come in a lightweight material that makes it easy to set up. This reduces the pressure on the table. The restaurant sneeze guards include a divider screen that helps you maximize the available space while still ensuring safety and distancing. 

We make the sneeze guards with carefully casted clear acrylic material to ensure durability. They have a glossy surface finish and come with a tensile strength of 760kg/cm². Our restaurant sneeze guard has tough material that lasts a long time.

Safe Dining With 4-Part Table Top Restaurant Sneeze Guards

Unlike regular sneeze guards, our restaurant and desk sneeze guards have two clear panels that perfectly fit into each other to form four parts. With the panels half cut in the center, the sneeze guards come easy to set up. They also help you create four spaces for different customers without extra tools.

We make ordering easy for you with our readily available designs. This helps you make an economical choice.

Discounts on Large Orders of Table Top Sneeze Guards 

Make a large order for our clear acrylic sneeze guards to enjoy bulk discount pricing. Save on the costs  and spend more on other resources for your restaurants. 

Shop restaurant tabletop desk sneeze guards for your organization online at Best of Signs.