School Desk Sneeze Guard

School Desk Sneeze Guard

  • Cast acrylic construction maintains exceptionally high durability.
  • Choose from an array of size options.
  • Rounded corners ensure safety during assembly.
  • The durable structure serves an increased length of service.
  • Protection sneeze guards come with bulk purchases discounts.

Increase Protection Against Contagious Diseases With Desk Sneeze Guards

Durable Desk Sneeze Guards Offer a Scope for Customization

Schools and other institutions are on the lookout for ways to provide a safe environment to mitigate the spread of diseases. Creating separations without interfering with crucial exchanges is one method of ensuring the safety of individuals. Our safety sneeze guards make sure that there are barriers between students in learning institutions to inhibit the spread of droplets caused by coughing or sneezing.

Made with see-through sturdy and thick 5550GSM cast acrylic, our protection sneeze guards offer high tensile strength for enhanced durability. They are safe for kids to touch, and offer a long-lasting service life.

Our clear acrylic sneeze guards have a glossy finish with no prints or graphics. This allows teachers and students to communicate and look around with ease without the risk of infectious diseases.

We have three standard sizes of desk sneeze guards. Select the right dimensions to fit your educational facility requirements.

Get Easy to Install Clear Acrylic Sneeze Guards With Discounted Prices

With an easy installation procedure, our safety sneeze guards set up quickly. Their rounded corners provide safety in case somebody accidentally knocks them. Enjoy convenience with our guards along with safety from deadly infections.

Upon purchasing our protection sneeze guards in large quantities, you get bulk order discounts. Save future expenses and increase your return on investment by ordering two or more guards.

Desk Sneeze Guards Are Highly Convenient

Our clear acrylic sneeze guards are available as three panels; one front and two side ones. This feature allows each guard to protect students from three directions.

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