Slow Down Traffic School Is Boring Aluminum Sign (Reflective)

Slow Down Traffic School Is Boring Aluminum Sign (Reflective)


Slow Speed Signs Maintain Safety

  • Restricted speed signs are made of rust-resistant and long-lasting aluminum .
  • Visibility is improved by the prismatic reflective surface.
  • The latex print is readable and long-lasting.

Road Safety Signs are Sturdy

Any business with a parking lot that cars need to negotiate must ensure the safety of their customers and visitors. This also avoids collisions, which would necessitate further traffic congestion. Using a humorous slogan, slow speed signs encourage safe driving. The use of a bright yellow color attracts the attention of drivers. Black lettes and graphics capture the eye even further, ensuring that motorists get the message.

Speed Limit Signs are Conspicuous and Noticeable

A prismatic surface reflects light, increasing the visibility of the restricted speed signs. The surface's structure scatters light, preventing glare and allowing cars to view the sign at any time of day or night.

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