Sneeze Guard for Office

Sneeze Guard for Office


Preventive workspaces with improved safety products:

  • 5550 GSM Cast acrylic sneeze guards are sturdy
  • Three different sizes to choose from
  • Three acrylic panels for 3-way protection
  • See-through partitions in a glossy finish
  • Rounded corners for a safe touch

Practice COVID-19 Safety Measures with Sneeze Guard for Office

Being back to normal might be difficult for others, but not for you or your organization. If you have everything pre-planned with improved infrastructures, then airborne infections cannot threaten you further. Amend work structure with the installation of sneeze guards, other safety essentials, and you are all primed to be in action. To re-open corporate workspaces during the unlock phase is feasible with us. Our range of sneeze guards and other safety supplies are available at competitive prices to meet your workspace requirements. Explore and choose out of hanging or countertop sneeze guards, floor-standing sneeze shields, and many more preventive tools.

Desktop Sneeze Guards & Other Choices for Immediate Prevention

Install sneeze guards to provide employees with prevention from surrounded contagions. Constructed from 5550 GSM cast acrylic, the panels are durable and portable. Easy-to-install is another aspect that makes this product the perfect pick for corporate offices. Office sneeze guards are designed in a way that they safeguard the individuals on every desk. This further aids in allocating specified space to every employee and maintaining social distance in between. Requisite separated desks with sneeze guards installed ensure much protection from airborne or COVID-19 infections released during coughing, sneezing, or interacting.

Desktop sneeze guards are going to mark a significant change along with the required prevention to combat communicable infections in the corporate sector. Three layers of see-through or transparent cast acrylic panels offer 3-sided protection to the employee while maintaining a clear view to see across. Buy them in either of the three sizes available at BestofSigns. Three different sizes make it simpler to select the required ones as per the space availability. The tensile strengthened panels hold a glossy finish that altogether provides an unsurpassed sturdiness and aesthetic look and feel.

Complete your purchase with other sneeze guards for cash counters, reception desks, sanitizer dispenser floor stands, roll up screen sneeze shields, and so much more. Buy now in bulk for exciting bulk discounts. Feel free to reach us via call, chat window, or an e-mail.