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Social Distancing Floor Decals

Floor Decals with Social Distancing & Other Vital Awareness Messages

Being back to normal isn’t easy, especially in the middle of the pandemic. But businesses need to get started to stabilize the fluctuating radar of the economy. Best quality awareness measures need to be introduced at the workplace, commercial sites, and other public places to timely inform the visitors about the essentiality of the COVID-19 preventions. We bring you assortment of COVID-19 signages and among them comes one of the eye-catching pre-designed floor decals. They aid in communicating the social distancing messages and, therefore, bring in round the clock awareness to stop the spread of Coronavirus and other airborne contagions. Floor decals and other safety products are available to meet different requirements of your workplace to transform it into a safe and secured site during the pandemic time.

Relatable Facts on Social Distancing Floor Decals:

  1. High-quality social distancing floor decals assure attention from visitors, employees, and even the on-lookers at any commercial office or store.

  2. Apply them on the floors of reception, open areas, lobbies of hospitals, banks, pharmacies, grocery stores, shopping marts, and other commercial spots with frequent walk-ins.

  3. Made from Monomeric PVC and high-quality adhesive at the back speaks durability and lasting usage of the floor decal for the time to come, no matter how high the foot-fall is at your office or store. They would be effectively serving the purpose of communicating the social distancing message.

  4. A variety of sizes are listed on the size tab to let you select the relevant one as per space and requirement at your corporate and commercial spaces.

  5. Flash cut finishing option, and UV prints turn on the uniqueness and longevity of the product. If you look forward to displaying the decal at an outdoor area of your office, then the UV prints are always there to safeguard the decal and its graphics from the impact of ultra-violet radiation.

  6. For feasible, hassle-free, and lasting application, we provide squeegee as an application tool. So, there’s no need to bother about the crumbling edges while applying or even afterward as the best quality adhesive and squeegee tool make it all happen for the decal to be strong and long-term.

  7. As the graphics are pre-designed, so it saves your time in designing or providing artwork for personalization. All you need to do is explore, select, and place the order for the required COVID-19 decal from our category page.

  8. The graphic variants of floor decals include –
So, that’s an easy process to follow. Pick the needed floor decals in desired quantities, size, and place the order to bring in maximum awareness on preventive measures against the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact us for further information. We are here to help you!