Social Distancing No Gathering Floor Decals

Social Distancing No Gathering Floor Decals


COVID-19 Safety Rules With Social Distancing Floor Decals

  • Easy-to-use pre-printed social distancing floor decals.
  • With full-color printing, the graphics are attention grabbing.
  • Squeegee application tool makes installation easy.
  • We use high-quality monomeric PVC to last long.
  • The product will be in multiple pieces if width and height both are more than 58.5 inches

Precaution Advisory With Social Distancing Floor Decals

When you don't take strict measures during the COVID-19 pandemic, it poses risks to customers, visitors, and employees. You can use our floor decals to alert people about social distancing and not gathering as preventive measures. The durable decals get attention while communicating proper and expected behavior in unsafe situations.

We use monomeric PVC material with a thickness of 210 microns and a 235GSM graphic weight. It lasts long and is ideal for outdoor applications.

With full-color, 720-DPI, eco-solvent printing, prints on the decals are vibrant and attention grabbing. UV printing protects colors from fading, even in extreme weather. You can choose full, partial, or no white ink with the flash-cut finishing option. We cut rectangles or squares according to the size selected.

We offer pre-printed messaging such as 'Social Distancing No Gathering' on the decals. The mats are convenient, easy to choose, and save you time.

Overcome the Pandemic With '6 Feet Apart' Decals

Our social distancing floor decals have an adhesive backing with a 12N/25mm glue peel strength. The glue strength keeps the decals in place over time.

It's easy to apply the floor decals with a squeegee application tool. It provides easy handling and pressure control during decal installation to avoid damage and bubble formation.

Get Bulk Discount for Social Distancing Floor Decals

Place multiple orders of floor decals to get a bulk discount. Orders of two or more of the same decal lowers the per unit price.

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