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Social Distancing Indoor Floor Mats

Social Distancing Indoor Floor Mats- Spread a crucial message as you accessorize your floors

Of all the signages, floor signs are one of the most budgeted and noticeable printed signages. Be it mats or floor decals, they can help you in advertising, directing visitors and customers towards a particular booth or area, communicating, too much more. They can be used in many different ways- just like these social distancing indoor floor mats. These premium coral-fleece foot mats are printed in full Color, 1440DPI, Dye-sublimation Printing, resulting in vibrant colors and long-lasting graphics. The back of these mats is constructed from non-woven fabrics with grippers. Owing to its high strength and resistance against various elements, the non-woven fabric is highly recommended for long-term indoor use. You also have a choice of 3 different size dimensions. As these are pre-printed indoor floor mats, you cannot custom print or personalize them. However, we offer five different designs and messaging for you to choose, all relevant to social distancing awareness. Take a quick look at all the 5 different messages choices that you have got here:

  1. Maintain a safe distance floor mats
  2. Social distancing saves lives mats
  3. No gathering indoor floor mats
  4. Practice social distancing-Stop the spread of COVID-19 mats
  5. Please maintain a distance of 6 Feet mats

Along with these relevant messages, the designs and colors are also kept different to accommodate different space needs. You can explore and pick the preferred to suit your business or workplace needs. 

Social Distancing Floor Mats Come with Bulk Quantity Discount & Free Shipping 

If you choose to order these floor mats for indoor use, you are sure to get Free shipping on your order (FREE SHIPPING will only be applicable till the offer lasts ). Not just that, you can save BIG if you opt for bulk buy. We offer different bulk quantity discounts and based on your order quantity, you will be entitled to extra discounts. Please find the bulk quantity discount chart by clicking on a particular social distancing floor mat from the ones listed right above.

To place your order, all you have to do is select the size of your floor mat, add the quantity, and place the order.