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Wash your Hands Vinyl Posters

Are you looking for some quick displays for your storefront or office? Our Wash Your Hands Vinyl Posters are here for you.

Wash your hands vinyl posters are available in other variants so that you can pick the graphics and illustrations that complement your business requirements. Because the posters are designed from white opaque vinyl, they are easy-to-stick on a clean and smooth surface. The graphics – wash your hands is an eye-catching and vital one for every business nowadays as it promotes the message of being safe during the COVID-19 pandemic phase.

Employees must wash their hands before returning to work, and other pre-printed graphics are available that are useful in guiding and reminding the employees and visitors about maintaining hygiene and prevention throughout. They are easy to display on clean walls, doors, glass doors, or windows of the storefront or within the premises of the store or office. Moreover, the eatery businesses and other commercial services that are back to normal have preferred to display wash your hands’ posters and signs at their premises for better awareness among customers, clients, and visitors. Pharmacies, banks, restaurants, coffee bars, hospitals, stores, and other ventures are seeking prompt pre-designed display materials for effective information spread.

Pool of choices - size, lamination, Accessory, & More for Wash Your Hands Posters

Each variant of wash your hands vinyl posters is available in different pre-defined and custom sizes. Custom sizes can be ordered by manually selecting the dimensions on the specific product page. Further comes the option of lamination feature to choose out of gloss, matte, or UV prints only. UV prints assure protective and lasting color quality, no matter they are being displayed outdoors with direct exposure to sun or UV radiation.

Protect yourself and others from getting sick, stay healthy -  germs are everywhere, and similar messages are available to maintain hygiene and prevention in your business space. Buy them in bulk so that no vital direction goes unheard of the precautionary statements that you would like to announce for your audiences. Premium quality pre-adhesives at the back of the vinyl poster comes with a long-lasting application so that you can display it at the hand washing area, in the washrooms/restrooms, and other prime locations. It further aids in keeping the staff and customers aware of washing their hands frequently to combat the Coronavirus infections as quickly as possible.

Buy vinyl posters in bulk and rejoice the bulk discounts too. Add squeegee tool to your cart at a minimal charge for simple and easy application. Reach out to us for further information.