Wheely Snap Frames

Wheely Snap Frames


Mounted on wheels, this snap frame is easy to use and easy to move

  • Roller Wheels for easy transport
  • Snap Frame for easy graphic changes
  • Stand Size: 32"W x 46.5"H x 20"D

Looking for the right outdoor display to promote your business? Can't seem to figure out what to buy in this regard? We have the answer to all your worries. We know how important it is to maintain an outdoor display to attract potential customers. These can serve as a potential greeting for the customer. It tells them at a glance, what your business is, and what you have to offer for them. Maintaining these display signs is quite problematic because they tend to fall over easily. This is why we offer you with a Custom Wheely Snap Frames Backlit as a solution to your problems.

Promoting with Wheely Snap frames

When it comes to promoting your business making the right choice is extremely important. Even the smallest mistake could result in low revenue and a loss of customers. As a result businesses need to make sure that they choose the right tool for the right kind of promotion.

The purpose of using Wheely Snap Frames is to attract customers on the go. These displays are positioned in such a way that they grab the attention of potential customers who are passing by the shop. These frames are ideal for shops or other such outdoor places. Their main purpose is to attract the customers who are passing by, without taking much of their time.

What we have to offer

Our wheely snap frames are easy to use and are highly portable. We provide you with durable outdoor sign displays, in the form of wheely frames. The wheely frames that we provide are excellent at holding banners and can withstand winds. Apart from this, these frames can be moved easily to locations which are more visible and offer better exposure. They are mounted on wheels which make them easy to move and use.

Ideally, our wheely frames provide ideal promotion on a short term basis. It can be used for short term promotions, effectively as well. For instance, it could feature the current specials among other details. The additional advantage that we provide you is that the banners are printed on both sides to attract more traffic.

Product Features

  • Our frames feature roller wheels that facilitate transport
  • It features a Water base
  • It comes with a snap frame for easy graphic changes