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Social Distancing Banners

Social distancing banners to prompt everyone to practice physical distancing

Banners are one of the most impactful and attention-grabbing printed advertising mediums. From pre-printed banners with a generic message to custom printed banners that specifically advertise a brand/logo, businesses have been using them for years. In these trying times as we all put up a fight against COVID-19, let’s bring this powerful marketing tool to good use. It is why we at Bestofsigns have pre-designed and printed social distancing banners to support those businesses who want to promote and enforce social distancing at their brick and mortar stores. Besides businesses, even workplaces, clinics, pharmacies, corporate offices, convenience stores, to food joints- anyone who is looking to incorporate safety solutions quickly and effectively can get their hands on this impactful tool. 

Banners with 5 impactful social distancing messages

To accommodate your needs, we are offering these social distancing banners in various sizes, colors, and designs. Plus, we have 5 relevant messaging to fit your unique business needs, which include:

  1. Maintain a safe distance.
  2. Social distancing saves lives. To support public health, please maintain a minimum distance of 6 Feet.
  3. No gathering. Keep 6 feet apart. Keep aisles and entrance clear.
  4. Practice social distancing. Stop the spread of COVID-19.
  5. Please maintain a distance from others while shopping in the store. Stop the spread!

Each of these premium vinyl banners is printed in full-color, 720DPI eco-solvent printing.

Hence, resulting in vibrant, bold, and long-lasting graphic colors. We also print our banners on a high-quality, durable 11 Oz vinyl fabric. To make it more robust and long-lasting, you can get it upgraded to 16 Oz with UV print. Doing so will make your banner highly resistant to harsh UV rays and fading. Single/two-sided banner printing and free metal grommets, and FREE SHIPPING(till offer lasts) are a few other features that we offer here at Bestofsigns.

Explore and order your preferred social distancing banner from the ones listed above. Your quick order will be followed by quick processing and FREE SHIPPING (till offer lasts). Your package will be delivered to your doorstep safely in time for you to reinforce physical distancing at your business space or workplace. Stay safe, keep promoting social distancing signs to bring this pandemic to an end.