10 Tips to Help You Learn How to Create Outdoor Banners

With new upcoming social media and internet sites like Facebook and Pinterest, which are basically famous due to the pictures and the post sharing, it is very important to see that the advertisement for your products is done through the banners and images. A pictorial representation is the best and it works the best in reaching people’s mind in the shortest notice. It is the most tried and tested of all the advertising methods and hence it is a very good method to reach out to the masses as well as the classes.

Be it a prom night or any other event like a trade show or an exhibition, it is very important to have outdoor banners showcasing your products and your advertisements as it is the best opportunity to reach out to the maximum number of people. The banners should have the right caption and also the best image which will reach out to the maximum number of people and create an impression in their minds. They should also have the proper height and width.

Outdoor Banner


Here are 10 tips to help you learn how to create outdoor banners…

  • The most important factor in determining the setting up of an outdoor banner is the place where you plan to have the banner. The place determines the number and type of people who are going to see the banner. It is very important in deciding who all are going to see the banner and the effect the people will have once they see the advertisement. If the place where the banner is put up is a good and busy one, the banner will have more people taking notice of the same and hence it will be very helpful to have one at the right place. That could be on a busy highway or the most popular crossroad.
  • Now add three inches to the height of the banner that you want to put up and then cut a vinyl banner or tarp to size that is the most adequate. Fold 3 inches of the top of the tarp and secure the fold with hot glue or strong adhesive to make it stick to the banner. Insert a wooden dowel inside which will be good for hanging the banner. The dowel should be about 4 inches longer than the width of the banner so that to hold it properly. Vinyl banners have grommets that allow running the string through them to hold them.
  • The most important thing about these banners is the way you highlight them and the way they would look when you hang them. This is important as it will make it look classy and attractive. They should look not only presentable but also attractive.
  • They should stand out and should make the people look at it again and take note of the advertisement. Take care to use good quality of colors so that they don’t get smeared and hence should have the right effect on people. The ink should not wear out in rains also.
  • It is a great idea to use stickers on the banners to make them look beautiful and radiant. The colors and the captions don’t work alone but if used with a sticker or signage it will look very good.
  • This ensures that the banner stands out and will have people take notice of the advertisement as well. The banner should also have important contact details like the address of the store or the office and also the contact details of the person to be contacted.
  • Attach pictures on the banner with spray adhesive. Place each picture on newspaper to protect surfaces. Spray in a side-to-side motion until the back is covered with a single layer to make it intact.
  •  Wait for 30 seconds to a minute before you turn the picture over. Smooth out any wrinkles using your hand to make it look good.
  • Now all you need to do is hang the banner using heavy string.  You can tie the string to the ends of the dowel or run the string through the grommets to hold the banner properly.
  • Now step back and look at the beautiful banner and wait and watch how it affects your sales!
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