Guide to Design a Custom Banner for Your Business – 7 Pro Tips

Print banners are synonymous with your company’s billboards. However, unlike billboards that stand tall and entice passersby in seconds, designing custom business banners needs attention to detail to garner attention in today’s advertising landscape. An adaptable form of business promotions, they help spread awareness about your products and services and increase customer conversions.

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Creating a well-designed banner with the right words and top-notch visuals is easier than you think. Understanding your target audience, deciding on the banner placement, and using attention-grabbing copies can help you break the process into more straightforward steps. An effective banner is easy to read, eye-catching, and goal-driven and helps you instantly connect with your target audience.   

Want people to be more excited about your products and services? Read our pro tips to design a personalized banner that attracts new customers and clients.  

Choose an Optimized Banner Location 

A clear idea of where you wish to display your print banner can pave the way for a visually striking banner. The location you select will determine essential details about your banner size, design, orientation, messaging, etc. Remember that there is no perfect location to display your advertisement, depending on your preferences.    

Need more certainty about your banner placement? Keep your audience’s actions in mind when they pass by your advertisement. If they’re walking past by, use bold fonts and vivid colors that help in capturing their interest in no time. If they’re standing before your custom banner printing, you can experiment more with imagery and eye-catching graphics.   

Decide the Perfect Banner Size 

Several custom banner designs are available in the market, but finding the one that’s perfect for your brand requires some consideration. Some banners are large enough to cover an entire wall, while others come as a stand. Decide on a style that works best for your business.   

  • Small Banner: Thinking of hosting a close-knit corporate event with a minimum number of attendees? Small banners are perfect for small-scale events. You can get multiple banners and set them up at different locations within a venue.   
  • Medium Banner: Medium banners should be your go-to-choice if you’re trying to find a banners fabric large enough to garner attention without burning a hole in your pocket.    

  • Large Banner: Featuring a wide design, large banners are perfect for conveying a heavy text message. Their high visibility makes them an excellent choice for product and brand launches.  
  • Double-Sided Banner: Ideal for multidirectional brand promotions, double-sided banners can have the same or a different message printed on both sides. 

Craft an Attractive, Easy-to-Read Copy 

Minimalism is the key to designing a captivating banner that isn’t difficult to comprehend. A deep understanding of your marketing objectives can help you write engaging copies that instantly resonate with the masses. Keep the headline crisp and concise – reflecting your brand’s valuable services and offerings.   

Think of the kind of message you wish to convey. Is it transactional or promotional? What do you want people to see as soon they see your brand? You can brand them with your business logo to increase your recall value. If you promote seasonal offerings and deals, highlight the discount values in your design.   

Do remember to read your copy correctly before sending it for print. You can run it by your colleagues and make a note of their valuable suggestions. Remember that your words can take your business to new heights.   

Include Essential Information

You can use all your creativity in your custom banner design but remember to add important information about your business and services.   

  • Your Message to the Audience: While visual elements contribute significantly to the success of an advertising banner, text plays a critical role too. Always ensure you add some line of text conveying your message, deals, discounts, brand announcements, etc.   
  • Creative Graphics: A well-designed banner is nothing without eye-catching graphics that look attractive regardless of placement. Don’t forget to add creative imagery to your banner so it doesn’t look dull. You can also add a CTA in the design, like your phone number or Instagram handle.  
  • Logo: Adding your logo to your personalized banner can help build brand recognition amongst audiences. Moreover, it differentiates you from others in the market, allowing customers to make value-driven purchasing decisions.   
  • Address: Unlike online marketing campaigns that redirect you to business landing pages, banners don’t land you anywhere. They are simple advertising tools that help promote your products and services. To generate traffic through them, you can add store directions like “7 km ahead” or “next to petrol station” on your banner. Besides, adding your social media handles can also help boost your online presence.  

Use an Easily Readable Font 

It would be best to have more time and patience to determine your banner’s content. Understanding how to design banners involves making a note of the brand font that is legible and attractive. Fonts like Century Gothic, Helvetica, PT Sans & PT Serif, Verdana, Karla, Arial, etc., are easy to understand and don’t strain the eye.   

Selecting the right font can help you design an effective banner that conveys your message effortlessly. However, be open to more than minimal fonts, as in some cases, like Halloween and Christmas deal promotions; creative ones work the best. Regardless of the type of font you select, remember that it is noticeable and readable.   

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Summarizing it Up   

Before finalizing your design, take constant feedback to ensure your design gets the desired audience response. Sometimes, others can help us understand minor flaws we may forget to notice.   

Lastly, remember that it is your brand and your banner and shouldn’t look otherwise. Broaden your thinking to create a unique design you’re proud of setting out on display. 

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