Step and Repeat: What It Is & How to Design One

If you’ve ever looked at photos of celebrities on the red carpet or been to an event with a lot of sponsors, it’s likely you’ve seen a step and repeat.

Backdrop banners are quite common at a wide variety of events. We’ll cover this, and more, in the following guide to designing your own step and repeat banner.

What is a step and repeat Banner?

Also known as a media wall, a step and repeat is the backdrop for photos at events such as movie premieres, red carpet affairs, or other events that have sponsors.

At least, this is how they’ve traditionally been used. Now advertisers are finding lots of other ways to use them. It’s possible you’ve seen a step and repeat at events such as:

  • Film festivals
  • Concerts
  • Fundraisers
  • Award shows
  • Sporting events
  • Fashion shows
  • Trade shows
  • Grand openings
  • College events

Some companies are also using them in their marketing efforts, by placing customers on a red carpet or in front of a step and repeat to take their photos.

Their purpose is to promote the sponsors of the event or to represent only one brand by posting the brand logo on the backdrop and repeating it multiple times. By doing so, the entire logo will always be in the photos you take in front of it.

The reason it’s often used for celebrity events is that they act as endorsers of the brand and as the attraction that gets you to look at the images in the first place.

Why is it called a step and repeat banner or backdrop?

Here is a breakdown of what each part of the name represents:

Step– comes from the fact that you step in front of these banners, posing for several seconds or minutes for pictures, before moving on.

This process is repeated by several celebrities, athletes, event attendees, etc. But this isn’t where the “repeat” comes from.

Repeat– comes from the actual process of repeating the same image, logo, brand on the banner.

Why your business needs a step and repeat banner?

Step and repeat banners, when used right, give a lot of free press to your business, thus providing a great return on your investment.

In the age of Instagram and selfies, people love feeling and looking like celebrities. Since media walls are known for having celebrities in front of them, they tend to draw attention.

Photos taken in front of the step and repeat banners can be shared on social platforms of all types, allowing your brand to get noticed without any extra effort from you.

Ways to use step and repeat banners for your business

Not all businesses can be sponsors at major celebrity events, but every business can use a step and repeat banner.

Here are a few ways you can bring out the logo emblazoned vinyl banners without the red carpet:

  • Trade shows- adding a step and repeat banner to your trade show booth is a great way to attract customers and subliminally implant your brand in their minds and social media posts.
  • Store opening- a step and repeat is a great way to style up your opening and make it a true event. Add other props and guests will be more encouraged to get in front of the camera.
  • Events- this is an especially good idea if you run a company that does a lot of events, such as weddings, shows, markets, sporting events, tastings, galas, and fundraisers. Most people take photos at these events, and they’ll be sure to get a few in front of your step and repeat.
  • Store fun- if you operate a business in which customers can try things on, such as clothes, jewelry, costumes, a step and repeat might invoke some fun in the store that your customers will post. They may even keep coming back, just for that.
  • Decoration- if you don’t have a store but work out of an office instead, a step and repeat could be used for team photos or as part of the décor of the office. And since it can be moved around it makes it easy to change up its purpose.

How to design a step and repeat?

Designing a step and repeat begins with several choices. You’ll need to decide on:

  • Purpose
  • Location
  • Material
  • Installation
  • Design


The purpose is typically centered around brand promotion, but you need to decide how you’ll use it. How you use your step and repeat plays into its effectiveness just as much as its location.


A step and repeat is usually propped outside, in the entryway. Though the banner doesn’t always need to be placed outside, it should be in a viewable area that people will notice and be drawn to it.


Typically, a step and repeat is made with vinyl, but there are several other materials to choose from as well.

Other materials include:

  • Fabric
  • Poster paper
  • Canvas
  • Plywood
  • Foam core
  • Shrubbery

As mentioned, vinyl is the most commonly used material for a step and repeat. This is because vinyl is extremely durable, long-lasting, water and strong weather resistant, as well as light and easy to set up.

The choice to use other materials depends entirely on the event, budget, and weight of each material.

Step and repeat banner installation

Asking how to hang a step and repeat banner requires first knowing answers to where you’ll be hanging it and what type of material you’ll be using.

Generally, a step and repeat is set up as a series of panels using adjustable banner stands, though draping is also a common method.

Whether against a wall or pulled taut with a banner stand, aim for quick set up and visibility.

Customize your step and repeat today

Best of Signs has the banner stands, materials, and design tools to create step and repeat banners that get your business noticed.

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