How to Build Brand Identity with Acrylic Signs

Acrylic is a highly durable and versatile plastic material typically used as an alternative to glass. Acrylic is the optimal choice for large format printing and features exceptional surface smoothness, which helps render vivid imagery, etching, and color matching. 

Several retail store owners have employed custom acrylic signs to advertise and promote their products and entice customers to purchase featured products. Acrylic signs offer extensive customization options that make them ideal for brand promotion.

Durable Promotional Tools

Acrylic is a durable material and is not susceptible to breaking like glass. It is transparent like glass but durable like plastic. Custom acrylic signs are robust enough to endure harsh weather conditions, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor usage. Despite the sturdiness and durability, acrylic is surprisingly light in weight, simplifying portability and installation. 

Acrylic is less likely to shatter if dropped by accident, unlike glass. Therefore, you can use both big and small acrylic signs to share brand information, menu information, and permanent promotional or informative messages. 

Professionally Appealing

Acrylic signs give off a professional and attractive appeal when used in retail stores. Acrylic signs maintain a polished aesthetic that elevates your message and your brand identity. These signs are a great choice for any brand looking to create a professional, luxurious identity.

The transparency property of acrylic is aesthetically pleasing when used as a background for writing plain text or using a graphic design logo of a brand or a company. Acrylic signs can also be used as nameplates for employee desks since they deliver a professional appeal to the workspace.

Convenient Installation

Acrylic signs can be installed almost anywhere, whether in your workspace or outside of a building. 

A cable display system is typically used to mount the signage on the wall or have it suspended in the air. The thin but durable wires that hook up to the sides are practically invisible to the naked eye, which gives off the illusion of the sign floating midair.

Another option is to use heavy-duty velcro that you can use to adhere the acrylic sign to the wall. While glass is relatively heavy, acrylic feels very light and can get easily mounted to a wall without the fear of falling off.

Extensive Customization Options 

Like banners, acrylic signs offer immense customization features, making these items ideal for virtually any form of advertisement. Custom acrylic signage adds a sophisticated look to your workspace, transforms interiors into brand-promoting spaces, and renders a professional demeanor.

Businesses including boutiques, clothing stores, restaurants, and lifestyle brands typically set the mood through massive imagery printed on acrylic signs or decals attached to walls. There are many customizable and quite affordable signs for all budget ranges. 

  • Three-Dimensional Effect – Using a solid background color behind the acrylic sign helps create a stunning 3D effect.
  • Outside Borders – You can use a thin, outside border to the edges of the sign to ensure that the viewers’ eyes stay on the text. 
  • Anti-Glare Finishing – If you have bright fluorescent lights in your workspace, you can add a non-glare finishing to the acrylic sign to absorb the light falling on its surface.
  • Custom Colors – You can use custom colors on both the front and back of the sign and create an amusing visual effect for the passersby to notice.

Impactful Marketing

Today, businesses and brands face massive competition when it comes to gathering customer attention and increasing conversion rates. However, generating brand awareness has been streamlined by stylish and professional-looking custom acrylic signage. Customers often associate the quality of a brand with the quality of its signage, so make your marketing tools as professional as possible. 

Acrylic signs create a strong brand identity and an elevated appearance that works well for businesses with multiple locations. You can build a strong brand identity with signage and in-store display options like stretch table covers to highlight premium brand offerings. 

Final Words

Custom acrylic signage is an ideal marketing tool for all business types, including corporate offices, retail stores, restaurants, real estate firms, hotels, or clothing franchises. Acrylic signs can handle harsh weather conditions while offering comparable levels of smoothness as glass. If you’re looking for cost-effective ways to elevate your brand and amplify your marketing message, you should consider custom acrylic signage. 

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