6 Ways to Create Real Estate Signs for Your Business

One of the most challenging aspects of being a real estate agent is creating uniquely identifiable real estate yard signs that stick out from the competition.

A custom real estate sign informs your target audience of your name, contact information, and information on the property. They are crucial to your marketing strategy and go a long way when attracting potential buyers and that’s why you must make them unique and eye-catching.

Create Uniquely Shaped Signs

Real estate signs, similar to flags, must stand out, and you can do this by creating unique shapes such as circles or rectangles. In addition, you can also add fine detailing that demonstrates your brand or personality, which range from eye-catching graphics to a stainless steel custom sign frame to specific lighting techniques/choices. 

Traditional approaches that appeal to the eye through movement include balloons, which you can also purchase in your brand’s color to stand out instantly. Uniquely shaped yard signs – think outside the rectangular or square box – can draw attention to rates significantly higher than the traditional signs.

Highlight Your Name and Brand

Ensure that you highlight your name and use vibrant colors for branding purposes. You can include other relevant people’s names as well, but make sure to highlight yours since you are the realtor and/or it’s your company. You can also include other branding elements, such as your brand’s color scheme, graphic logo, slogan/catchphrase, and business headquarters address. 

Integrate Technology 

The next step in creating unique yard signs is to integrate technology effectively. You can print QR codes on your signs so curious onlookers can use their cell phones to be directed to your website, social media, or a specific landing page with detailed information regarding your listing or open house event.

Remove Sign Riders

Depending on where you wish to place your sign, its distance from the street, and the intensity of traffic you receive in that neighborhood, it is advisable to skip the sign riders altogether. Instead, use the entire sign space for advertising your event or listing.

Keeping the lettering bold and prominent can help attract a massive crowd to an open house. You can produce different signs for just sold homes, open houses, and under-contract homes and have them swapped out accordingly.

Use Unique Vanity Numbers 

To help you keep tabs on the effectiveness of your acrylic signs placed in different locations, use a unique smart number for each sign. Unique vanity numbers will provide you with crucial information about which yard sign brought in the most calls and potential leads. 

Depending on the yard signs that acquired the most attention you can rethink your marketing strategies and ensure that you place your yard signs in areas that reach the highest number of people.

Miscellaneous Designing Tips

Here are some bonus tips that you should think of when designing real estate signs for your business:

  • High-contrast colors” To highlight your message effectively, choose text in contrast with the background. For instance, black text on a white background is easily readable relative to red text on a white background. 
  • Use brand logos: If you wish to promote your newly-established real estate company or are working with a renowned business, include your brand logo to create an image in people’s minds.
  • Use sizable print: Keep the text large enough that people do not have to strain their eyes even from far-off distances since most people will glance at your signs while on the move. 
  • Share only relevant information: Ensure that the signage text is massive enough and includes relevant information. Only have details like your name and contact information, critical information regarding the property, and whether it is for sale or lease.
  • Custom Tear Drop Flags: Use your sign in conjunction with carefully placed custom tear drop flags strategically placed in order to lead the customers right to your signage. 
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