5 Questions To Ask Before You Buy Parking Signs

Parking signs are a crucial investment for maintaining a healthy traffic flow and avoiding accidents. Therefore, before you purchase a parking sign and install it there are certain factors you must consider, budget, durability, location, or the message of the parking signs being but a few..

Here are the five main factors you need to consider before investing in parking signs. 

Is The Sign Legible From a Distance? 

Parking signs are useless until people can read them from a certain distance without obstruction. While designing your parking signs, you must wisely choose the font size, the font itself, and the color of the parking sign. If the letters are too small or the font is complicated, you are defeating the purpose of installing parking signs in the first place.

Think of traffic signs that you see on the street. They are bright, crisp, and indicate exactly what you need to know from a good distance between your vehicle and the sign itself. Imagine if a stop sign was not red or had blurry text! Your parking signs also need to indicate clearly what they are from a distance.

Is The Message Error Free?

The message on the acrylic signs should be grammatically correct, and the graphics on them should be universally known. This ensures that everyone understands the right message in time to avoid accidents. For example, the parking sign should have a crossed-out ‘P’ to indicate “No Parking.” A neat, blocky font that is large enough is preferable, but it is also important to fit all the information within the limited space of your parking sign.

Vinyl banners are an excellent short-term option for your parking sign. They are made of high-quality PVC and are available in custom sizes. In addition, you can customize your design or choose from several templates of banners available.

Where Should You Place The Parking Signs?

Parking signs should be placed along the traffic flow to enhance visibility and reduce processing time. Cities also have guidelines that dictate where you can place parking signs on public or commercial property. 

For example, you must have a van-accessible parking sign to indicate that vans can also be parked in your parking lot. To suggest that you plan to tow vehicles parked at a certain angle or position, place a “Tow Zone” parking sign accordingly. 

With that, make sure you place your sign where you want people to park while it is in accordance with your city’s laws. In addition, if there are any special circumstances regarding parking, indicate that as well with your signs.

How Durable Must Your Signs Be?

The durability of your signs depends on many factors, like where they will be placed. For example, if you want to put them in a windy area, then vinyl banners made of PVC would be great, and they must also contain air pockets so that the wind can pass through without damaging the parking sign.

You can get aluminum parking signs with UV-resistant colors, which prevents them from fading or becoming yellow over time. You can also get acrylic signs which will not become yellow or brittle with time. 

Are You Following The Necessary Regulations?

It is essential to abide by government regulations while planning and installing parking signs. For example, if you can only provide parking space to bikes, that should be clearly indicated on the parking sign. As touched on previously, keep in mind to not install signs that would contradict already existing traffic laws.

Final Thoughts

Look to order high-strength vinyl that can tolerate moderate traffic that are also slip- and scratch-resistant. Die-cut floor decals might also work depending on your climate. Just be sure they are printed with 600 DPI UV-resistant colors that will not fade. 

Compliance signs made of aluminum are another good option for parking signs. They are vibrant and fade-resistant, visible from afar, and work great. If you have your own spare pieces of metal of the right shapes and sizes, decals that are opaque can be created to stick on the metal as well to create a parking sign.



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