How To Compliment Your Table Runner with Your Table Cover

Table runners are nothing but a narrow and long piece of fabric that runs through your table. Often placed over table covers, table runners make a significant addition to your table setting. They add to the aesthetics, add texture, and enhance your table space in a myriad of ways. 

Setting up the table can be very taxing, especially when you have guests coming over soon. Leaving it for the end can create chaos. Therefore, plan your table setting in advance to avoid the stress of putting it together minutes before guests arrive.


Table runners come in a variety of widths and lengths. One can either choose to have them exactly the tabletop size or have them hang loose down the sides. A standard table runner is 14 to 17 inches wide. If you choose to have your runner hanging over the sides, make sure it hangs 6 to 15 inches off the table. 

However, if you plan to have a perfect fit for your tabletop, you can use it as the foundation or base for an eye-catching centerpiece. Crisscrossing your table runner at the center can create individual place-setting as a substitute for placemats. You can have a long runner across the length of the table and two or three dissecting it to create a place setting for 4, 6, or 8 people accordingly. 


The visual appeal of a table setting is the foremost aspect that gathers attention from your guests, but it might not always be positive! You do not want to mess it up here. Since table runners are used over table covers, a lot of contrasting and matching come into the picture. A mismatched table runner across the table can cause visual displeasure to your guests. 

The safest option is to choose a solid white table cover and pair it with any printed or solid runner. Another safe yet sophisticated option is to pick a light color for your table cover and a deeper shade of the same color for your table runner.

Design or Pattern

The duo of solid and patterned is like peanut butter and jelly; it’s a safe choice and never gets old! They make up a classic pair and have the potential to alleviate the grandeur of your table setting. If you plan to have an exquisite centerpiece of arranged flowers, floral prints on your runner will complement your space. Just make sure your flower arrangement for the table is also in sync with your tablescapes theme and color scheme. 

You can also use decals to customize your covers and runners according to your needs. If you have trouble pairing your table cover with your runner, there’s an easy solution. Pick a table cover of the color of your choice and couple it with a patterned runner. You can go for abstract lines, checks, or floral prints. Or even keep it simple by sticking to one color and experiment with more than one hue.


Going for cotton, linen, or plastic table covers is up to you! A clear plastic cover over your runner can help keep stains at bay. However, wrinkles on the clear plastic can ruin the magnificence of your table-scape. You can also ditch the plastic if you want to furnish a classy finish to your table setting. 

The specific material does not matter for an informal and cozy setting. However, formal events call for a crisp linen or a cotton tablecloth and runner. It will cast a lasting impression of your dinner table on your guests. 

Other Décor 

Overall harmony among the various items on your dining table is a must. A mismatched centerpiece or a runner can put off the entire vibe of your table. Make sure that everything is in sync. Use placemats, table covers, table runners, menu displays, and candle stands that complement each other in terms of color, design, and style. 

Table runners do not always need a table cover. If you want to flaunt your elegant tabletop made of expensive wood, going for a rustic runner is a great idea. Although, the table cover can save your tabletop from stubborn stains. 


Table settings are all about balance and blending. Coming up with a color scheme and ensuring professional execution of the layout in planning is crucial. While the harmony between the table covers, runners, and placemats is the most important, the general synchrony of your table cannot be compromised. Make sure all the items on display complement each other and add to your table’s aesthetics.

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